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  • Message from Athletic Director:
    Required Summer Paperwork
    Students who submitted and completed Athletic Paperwork for the 2022-2023 at Wellington High School will only need to submit a Summer Waiver, which is attached, to participate in summer workouts as long as their EL2 (Athletic Physical) has not expired.

    Students who did not complete Athletic Paperwork for Wellington High in the 2022-2023 school year will not to submit the following:
    • EL2 (Athletic Physical)- Submit through
      • There is a new Physical Form. Please only use the form I have attached or that can be found through FHSAA's website 
    • EL3 (Consent and Release from Liability)- Submit through
      • There is also a new EL3 form. Again, only use the form that I have attached or the one that can be found here
    • Summer Waiver- Submit directly to Coach
      • Summer participation is not covered by the School Athletic Insurance. All participants must have insurance to participate in summer workouts. Insurance for summer participation can be purchased through
    Athletic Paperwork Registration
    While those are the only documents required for Summer Participation, there is a lot more that must be completed to participate on a team once school begins. Any student interested in participating in Athletics next school year should complete the Athletic Registration through

    Parents/guardians will create an account for themselves. After adding basic information, parents/guardians will be able to begin registration for each of their students. Below there are two videos that will help walk through the basics of the system:

    Aktivate Generic Video
    WHS Aktivate Video

    To make the process as easy as possible, you will need to have the following forms completed to be uploaded:
    1. Athletic Physical - FHSAA EL2 Form (School Entry Forms are NOT accepted for Athletics)
    2. Athletic Eligibility for High School Students - Form 1588 (Must be Notarized)
    3. Student Medical Consent for Athletics - Form 1589 (Must be Notarized)
    4. Interscholastic Athletic Insurance - Form 2608 (Must submit $10 Tryout Fee Receipt from with the form)
    5. Certificates for the three required NFHS Courses- These must be completed each school year  
    All of those forms are attached but can also be found through Aktivate once you begin a registration.

    All Athletes Participating in a sport will also be required to pay the $75 for Athletic Insurance. It is strongly recommended to pay the $10 Tryout Fee initially and pay the remaining $65 once the student makes a roster. This can be paid through

    If you have any questions about athletics at Wellington High School, feel free to contact me at
    Robert Callovi
    Wellington High School
    Athletic Director
    Varsity Flag Football Coach
    Office Phone: 561-791-9388