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Explore the Choice and in-house programs offered at schools throughout the county. Using the filtering tools below, you can find the right program to engage your child's interests. Prepare your child to be the future leaders and innovators of the world, starting with Palm Beach County's Choice Programs, Where Tomorrow Starts Today 

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Limestone Creek Elementary Choice Programs: Marine Science and Environmental Inquiry

Limestone Creek Elementary School partners with The Reef Institute to create a unique Marine Science experience for all students. The program goal is to teach students how to become stewards of the ocean and why taking care of it is so important to our environment and our future. Marine Biologists teach students about our coastal ecosystem and coral reef conservation using live animals in 11 on–site tanks, including a custom made shark and ray tank. In addition, students participate in the growing process of mangroves and coral propagation in order to deepen their understanding of local ecosystems and the impact of humans on their environment.

Additional curricular resources include lesson plans created by Loggerhead Marinelife Center that are implemented in grades K–5. These project–based lessons focus on the growth and protection of red mangroves and the nesting process of sea turtles. LCE students engage in the engineering design process in an onsite STEM lab as they learn about renewable resources and environmental conservation.