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    Elementary Music Program

    Music is vital to every child’s education for its inherent aesthetic, historical and cultural value. If music is an inseparable part of our culture, then it should be an inseparable part of our school life.

    The Music Essential years at TCS provides each student with a solid foundation of musical skills centered on a rotation through a number of musical experiences. Students will become aware of how the different musical elements interact to create musical ideas and thoughts.


    Kindergartners will develop their musical skills through a unique curriculum based on singing, movement and instrumental music. Students will learn proper use of singing voice, posture and voice range. They will establish a steady beat and develop rhythmic ability by playing a variety of percussion instruments in the classroom and participating in music and movement activities.

    Instrumental music instruction in kindergarten is based on the violin. Early in the year, every family will have the opportunity to make a foam violin in our “Build-A-Violin” day. Students will learn the foundation of violin playing by practicing on their foam violins.  Kindergartners will transition into violins and will be able to perform simple songs on their instruments by the end of the school year.

    ​First Grade

    First graders will continue to develop their musical skills through a well-rounded curriculum centered around singing, movement and instrumental music.  First grade musicians at TCS will perform songs Cajon drums, Orff instruments (Fall) and Nuvo recorders (Spring) while mastering key musical concepts.

    ​Second Grade

    Second graders will continue their musical development by learning instruments from the String and Wind families. In strings class, students will learn how to play the Ukulele, thus developing fine motor skills and basic techniques needed to play orchestral instruments in third grade. In winds class, students will learn how to play the J-Sax. They will learn fundamental concepts of band instruments such as breath control and finger coordination.

    Third - Fifth Grades

    Beginning in 3rd grade, students become a part of our Instrumental Music Program, playing either a string or band instrument. Each student will be receiving instrumental music lessons 2 days each week.  All the music fundamentals that have been instilled in your child will be put to use as they learn their new instruments in the coming years. In 4th and 5th grades, students receive music lessons 3 days each week.

    Concepts are introduced at a designated grade level. Students will review content at the beginning of each new grade level. Knowledge and skills will build upon previously studied material.

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    Middle Grades Music Program

    This unique program provides a continuum of instrumental music education designed specifically for dedicated young orchestral musicians. All middle grades students must apply for entry into our Middle Grades Instrumental Music program. Applicants must have prior instrumental music instruction.* Our El Sistema-inspired program emphasizes collaboration, teamwork, and mentorship as a central focus. With a high level of expectation for achievement, TCS students are challenged both musically and academically.

     *Students must meet eligibility requirements.