• student working on artwork

    While we are an arts school, we also excel in academics! Here, we think outside the textbook. We do not use textbooks to guide our instruction. State standards, developmentally appropriate instruction, and creativity are what guide our practices at The Conservatory School. 
    Students dive into the curriculum through authentic means--reading genuine literature in the classroom, using manipulatives to concretely work through math contexts, and taking nature walks to study the scientific world around them. Take a moment to read more about the work we do at TCS.


    TCS is a Reader's Workshop school. We provide our students with print-rich, conversation-rich, inviting classrooms. We teach specific reading strategies that students then apply through reading authentic children's literature. Teachers further support this instruction through individual conferencing to target student needs--helping each student grow as a reader.


    TCS  is also a Writer's Workshop school. We encourage our students to observe the world around them and reflect on their own lives to find content for their writing. Through the Workshop model, students learn explicit writing skills and then are given time to write. As they cycle through the stages of writing, students are given feedback to strengthen their writing and ultimately produce engaging stories and essays.


    We are inspired by the numerous ways to teach and learn math in authentic and realistic contexts. Our teachers develop ways in which to teach our students that will instill in them perseverance and an excitement for math.

    Our faculty use technology and arts integration, to teach content and provide students with opportunities to display their own math learning.


    Science comes alive everyday in our classrooms! Walk into any science class and you will see students conducting experiments or having discussions about the adaptations of animals while observing the insects on their lab table. Students are outside observing their environment and collecting samples to record data and discuss their findings with peers.

    Inquiry-Based Learning

    Inquiry-based learning is a complex process where students formulate questions, investigate to find answers, build new understandings, meanings, and knowledge, and then communicate their learnings to others.   In our inquiry-based work at TCS, we merge together content with student's authentic spark. From here, we have the power to guide students learning and undertanding to transform their views and ideas of the world around them.