Choice Academies and In-House Programs

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    Our Choice Programs*


    Automotive Service Technology

    The Automotive Service Technology program provides hands–on training in a fully integrated, computerized, state–of–the art facility. This academy prepares students for employment and/or specialized training in the automotive industry, including Automotive Lubrication, Automotive Brake System, Automobile Suspension and Steering, Automotive Electrical/Electronic System and Automotive Engine Performance. This program focuses on understanding and demonstration of the following elements of the automotive industry: planning, management, finance, technical and product skills, as well as the underlying principles of technology, labor issues, community issues and health, safety and environmental issues.

    *Available for all students regardless of their attendance boundary, with limited exceptions.

    Our In-house Academies*

    Medical Sciences - Pre-Medicine

    The Medical Sciences Honors program offers an innovative, integrated learning environment designed to provide the student with the medical skills and training necessary to succeed in postsecondary healthcare career education and/or to successfully transition into the healthcare workforce. This comprehensive program combines a rigorous academic curriculum with intense clinical and laboratory experience. Student clinical rotations are conducted at area hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Clinical clearance, including a background check and drug screening are required prior to entering the clinical setting. In the School District of Palm Beach County, all medical courses provide local honors credit. Algebra I or Algebra I Honors is recommended.

    Information Technology

    The Information Technology program offers an innovative, integrated learning environment focused on computers, technology, and communications. The program provides students with the training and skills necessary for careers, such as: Computer Operation, Computer Support, Electronics Technology, Graphic Design, Multimedia & Web Design, Network Systems, PC Support and Word Processing, and Cybersecurity. Specialization opportunities vary depending upon the location of the academy. All students applying to these programs must meet the following eligibility criteria: 2.5 GPA.


    The Entrepreneurship program encompasses both academic knowledge and practical skills to prepare young people for responsible citizenship and the world of work. Fostering entrepreneurship attitudes and skills in secondary schools raises awareness of career opportunities, as well as ways young people can contribute to the development and prosperity of their communities. All students applying to this program must meet the following eligibility criteria: 2.5 GPA.

    Digital Media

    The Digital Media program is designed to provide practical experiences in both graphic/digital design and photography. Students become proficient in, and refine, their use of concepts, terminology, techniques, and applications of digital imaging to create original work. Students produce digital still and/or animated images through the single or combined use of computers, digital cameras, digital video cameras, scanners, photo editing software, drawing and painting software, graphic tablets, printers, new media, and emerging technologies. Students' increasingly independent approach to their work promotes risk-taking in the completion of conceptually based, self-directed work. All students applying to these programs must meet the following eligibility criteria: 2.0 GPA and an eligible audition score.

    Television and Film Production Technology

    The Television and Film Production Technology program is dedicated to providing quality education in the organization and dissemination of ideas through television and film production. Students are taught in professional broadcast studios with high quality equipment. Students benefit by the use of recording studios, remote cameras, video recorders, video switching and editing equipment, and comprehensive computer graphics to complete academic and extracurricular projects. Students are prepared to function as members of a technical team by participating in activities that simulate the conditions found in television and production studios as well as on–location events.

    *Available only for students residing in the attendance boundary for this school.

    Additional In-House Programs