Buy Your Own Brick Fundraiser

  • The story of the bricks...

    In 2010, a student in the Information Technology Academy came up with an idea to raise money to help students in all of the PV Academies. She saw that churches, corporations, and schools around the country were selling personalized engraved bricks. She did some research, scouted locations, and presented her idea to the Academies Advisory Committee and they loved it!

    In 2011, the campaign began making it possible for anyone to purchase a brick as a business advertisement, a personal celebration, or a memorial to a loved one. While many groups sell the same bricks for up to $200 a piece, we kept out the price at just $50. New ones are planted periodically throughout the year and the money raised goes to scholarships for students in our Auto Collision, Auto Service Technology, Multimedia Communications, and Medical Science Academies. Over 600 seniors are eligible to apply for this money each year!

    Caitlin has now graduated from college and is living on the west coast of Florida enjoying a marketing and sales career. Her brick and many others are permanently planted at the front of the school.

    She made history.

    Would you like a brick too?

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