STAR Behavior Plan

  • School-wide Positive Academic and Behavior Support Plan  
    Below is a brief description of the Plumosa School-wide Positive Academic and Behavior Support Plan called S.T.A.R. The  S.T.A.R  plan was designed to promote and foster personal and academic responsibility and a sense of community.  To be a part of the Plumosa Community, each student is expected to be a S.T.A.R. Citizen both inside and outside the classroom.  Both students and staff have embraced this encouraging, rewarding, and harmonious school-designed plan that enables students to reach their full potential. 
    Universal Guidelines (read each day over the announcements/students participate through voice & movement)
    I will control my body
    I will control my voice
    I will focus my thoughts and use my imagination
    I will show respect and cooperate with others
    Because I am a STAR Citizen at Plumosa School of the Arts (students say this line)
    S.T.A.R. Citizen Matrix - outlines expected behaviors in all settings
    S-elf Control
    A-ctive Citizenship
    R-espect and Responsibility
    Universal Attention Signal
    FREEZE…Stop, look at the teacher, wait for directions
    Bathroom- thumbs- up

    Daily Management System:
    Each day, your child’s teacher (s) will write a number (1-4) in his/her agenda. The number corresponds with a behavior description (see below).  These behaviors have a direct affect on your child’s academic and social progress and the learning and well-being of others. As citizens at Plumosa School of the Arts, students are responsible for controlling their own behavior.  If your child receives a 1 or 2, there will be a brief description of the behavior(s), and/or a referral or a phone call to the parent.

    • 4 – Behavior is conducive to the student’s learning and to the learning of others (e.g., student comes to class on time, ready to learn, with materials, and follows classroom rules and procedures)
    • 3 – Behavior is generally conducive to the student’s own learning, but some actions are detrimental to learning (e.g., tardy, does not return or attempt to complete homework, disrupting class, unprepared for class – pencil/materials)   
    • 2 – Behavior has a negative impact on the student’s learning and/or the learning and safety of others (e.g., excessive unexcused absences, constant disruption or defiance, excessive tardies, refusal to follow classroom procedures, constantly unprepared for class )
    • 1 – Behavior has violated SDPBC and/or Plumosa SOA’s  policies (e.g., fighting, physical aggression, bullying, profanity, repeated dress code violation)

    The following are some examples of various actions and/or consequences that will be taken if the student is not exhibiting S.T.A.R. Citizenship: Students may receive a warning, a change of environment (inside or outside the classroom), a tracking form, an administrative referral, or a suspension, be removed to an alternative setting, and/or lose privileges.  
    Examples of Rewards for S.T.A.R. Behavior: 
    Raffle Prizes, Themed Fridays, S.T.A.R. Days, Lanyards, Award Pins, S.T.A.R. Citizen Dog Tags.
    The agenda serves as a two-way communication regarding your child’s social, emotional, and academic progress in school each day and it also helps keep your child organized.   We provide the first agenda at no charge. Students are responsible for bringing their agenda to school each day.  Additionally, the student is responsible to have his/her teacher(s) sign the agenda each day and to take the agenda home to be signed by the parent/guardian.  If a replacement agenda is needed, please have your child bring $5.00 (cash or check) to the Main Office to get a replacement agenda.