Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Student lives in the new boundaries for Dr. García High School, what do we need to do next?

    Please see our Boundary Infomation page

    How do I go about registering my student for Dr. García High School?

    • If the student is an in-boundary rising 9th or 10th grader and currently enrolled in a SDPBC public school, they will automatically be rolled into Dr. Garcia High School during the month of April.
    • If the student is an in-boundary rising 11th grader and currently enrolled in a SDPBC public school, the parent will need to go onto their SIS Gateway and fill out the Stay or Move Form that will popup when they login.
    • If the student is an in-boundary private or home school student, please contact the school at (561) 851-5400. 

    When will the course selection process take place?

    Course Selection sheets will be emailed to students and families as well as posted on our school website during the month of April. Students can fill out the information online (Google Form) or print it out and return it to their current school’s main office.

    My Student does not live in the boundaries for Dr. García High School, can they apply to become a student at the school?

    Starting May 1st, students can apply for Controlled Open Enrollment through the School District.  Please note that the family is responsible for transportation to and from school for all COE students.

    Will the school have AICE and AP classes the first year?

    Regardless of what grade students are entering, they will be able to participate in AICE and AP courses. Students already on the AICE Diploma track will be able to continue with their AICE courses and finish the courses required for the Diploma.
    AICE Diploma Tracking Guide
    AICE Diploma Interest Survey

    What other Academic Programs will the school have?

    What extracurriculars and sports will the school have?

    • We have hired experienced directors for our Band, Chorus, Drama, and Visual Arts programs. Students will have the opportunity to participate in Marching and Concert Bands, perform in different choir ensembles and participate in theater productions.
    • We will also offer various clubs and organizations on campus including Student Government, Latinos in Action, Black Student Union, Key Club, and many more.
    • For athletes, we will have the full cadre of sports teams competing at the Varsity level as well as JV and Freshman teams for some programs.
      List of Head Coaches and Email Addresses

    If you have other questions, please feel free to call or email the school at (561) 851-5400 or