Frequently Asked Questions


    What choice programs do you offer?

    At Dr. Joaquín García High School we offer an array of programs for students to choose from. There are three Choice Programs that both students who are zoned to attend DJGHS or students applying through Choice can partake in. These three programs are considered Career Technical and Education (CTE) Programs and are:

    Army JROTC

    Medical Sciences: Pre-Medicine

    Business and Information Technology

    Electronic Business Enterprise

    Marketing, Management & Enterprise

    Computer Science Principles

    What are Career Technical and Education (CTE) Programs?

    CTE programs are developed to  better prepare students for the 21st century and to help them graduate college and career ready.These programs assist students in academically  preparing them for career-related pathways that align to their interests, abilities, and career goals. Students who take at least 3 full credits in a single CTE program can qualify for the Gold Seal Vocational Scholars (GSV). Completing industry certifications from these programs can also give students the opportunity to earn the Industry Scholar Diploma Designation upon graduation.

    How can I apply to be in a  CTE program?

    All students must apply through Choice & Career Options via an online application process. Applications open November 1, 2023 and close January 26, 2024. Even if you are zoned to attend DJGHS you must apply online to be a part of a CTE program.Click here to apply.


    I am not zoned for DJGHS. How can I attend?

    In order to attend DJGHS you must apply for a CTE program via the online application process. For the school year 2024-2025 Dr. Joaquín García High School will NOT be accepting applications through Control Open Enrollment.


    Do you offer any other course options?

    Once enrolled at DJGHS, students have the opportunity to partake in an array of other courses and pathways. These course options are not considered choice programs and are not available through the Choice Application process.


    College Level Coursework

    Cambridge Assessment International Education: The AICE Diploma

    Advanced Placement: AP Courses

    Other course offerings

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) Foundations



    Digital Design and Photography

    Digital Video Technology and TV & Film Production


    Spanish Dual Language Program

    2D & 3D Visual Arts


    How can I take other course options ?

    These course offerings are available for selection through our course selection process. This process takes place in February, where students have the opportunity to select their classes. Students can be in a Choice Program and partake in other course pathways if their schedules permit.


    I was affected by the boundary changes for the school year 2023-2024. Can I still choose to stay at my previous zoned school for the school year 2024-2025?

    No, for the school year 2024-2025 students must attend the school they are zoned to. To see what school you are zoned for, Click here.


    Is transportation provided for students in a Choice Program?

    The SDPBC Transportation Services Department is dedicated to partnering with schools, families, and communities to provide safe and efficient transportation in support of school programs and services. The School District requires that all bus riders register for their bus. Bus stops will only be available within the Choice Transportation Zone for each school and additional stops will not be created. Transportation is provided for all students who are enrolled in Choice schools and programs who reside more than two miles from the choice school or program, and who reside within a designated choice transportation zone.  Make sure to view the Choice Transportation Map for DJGHS to determine if transportation is provided for your child. Click here to view the transportation map.


    What kinds of activities and athletics do you offer at DJGHS?

    Dr. Joaquín García High School is the home of exceptional student athletes, outstanding artists and academics. We believe that interscholastic activities are an integral part of our school's total educational program. In addition to the many co-curricular and extracurricular activities in academics, arts, and athletics sponsored by the school, there are also student-interest clubs and activities.

    If you have other questions, please feel free to call or email the school at (561) 851-5400 or