Choice and In-House Programs

  • High Technology

    The High Technology program offers unique experiences and opportunities using technology as an educational tool that integrates core academic requirements into a challenging and dynamic curriculum. Computers and other technologies enhance and assist in the learning process and create a highly motivating atmosphere in the school. Students also learn to integrate the use of various technologies into their academic projects, presentations, learning activities, and assessments.

    Technology meets practical application in the Business program. Using project-based learning, students apply the technological knowledge they've acquired in real life business situations. This program allows students to experience everything from business operations to job creation and entrepreneurship.

    Industry Certifications - Certification Exams Administered for Students

    The Emerging Technology in Business course is designed around their Internet Business Associate (IBA) certification. IBA teaches students to work effectively in today's business environment. Furthermore, IBA prepares students to get involved with and understand Web Technology job roles, as well as the skills and technologies to perform them. This is a high school level course and students will receive high school credit. Course grades appear on their official high school transcript and are calculated into their high school grade point average. The State of Florida has decided that certain Industry Certification Exams can count towards a student’s online graduation requirement.

    Fundamentals of Web and Software Development teaches students to work effectively in today’s web development field while learning the essential techniques and skills. Using both HTML5 and CSS3, students learn to write code manually, as well as using various graphical user interface (GUI) authoring tools. Once certified, you have proven that you have foundational knowledge to develop basic web sites. Lesson topics include: Markup Language & Coding Essentials, Graphical Elements, Hyperlinks, Tables & Forms, Video, Audio Techniques, Extending HTML Through GUI Editors, and Mobile Sites Creation. Students will be prepared to complete the Certified Internet Web Site Development Associate exam, which, if passed, earns the student the CIW Site Development Associate certification.