Choice Academy

  • Eagles Landing Middle has a variety of Choice programs, including a Pre-Culinary Arts Academy, a Pre-Engineering Academy, and a Pre-IT Academy. (Choice Academy Brochure)

    Pre-Culinary Arts Academy

    The Pre-Culinary Arts Academy is a three-year preparatory program designed to encourage and prepare students for entry into high school culinary arts career academies or related fields of study. Students who participate in this program acquire knowledge of health and nutrition, culinary careers, entrepreneurship skills, the hospitality industry, and safety and sanitation.

    Pre-Engineering Academy

    The Pre-Engineering Academy is a cutting-edge engineering prep program that incorporates national standards in math, science and technology. In this “learn by doing” program, students use technology to solve everyday real-world engineering problems. Students design 3-dimensional drawings in Autodesk inventor, program robots, and build real world products. Students will be enrolled in a semester engineering course each year of middle school.

    Pre-Information Technology Academy

    The Pre-Information Technology Program offers an innovative, integrated learning environment focused on computers, technology, and communications. Students who participate in a Pre-Information program acquire foundational knowledge and skills in basic programming techniques, software and web development, and emerging digital technologies. Emphais is placed on a college preparatory curriculum directly linked to career pathways in the IT career cluster.