Dress Code

  • Dress Code

    • Shirts: Eagle Wear Shirts or Polos or T-Shirts
    • Sweatshirts/Hoodies: Eagle Wear or Solid Color (All sweatshirts or hoodies MUST have a dress code shirt underneath.)
    • Pants: Joggers, Sweats, Jeans, and Khakis (Solid colors, only)
    • Shorts: Athletic, Sweat, Jean, and Khaki (no higher than 2 inches above the knee)

    Not Allowed

    • Leggings 
    • Tight Sweats or Joggers
    • Pajama Bottoms
    • Tank Tops
    • Large Graphic Pants and
    • Large Graphic T-shirts 
    • Head Coverings
    • Clothing with holes or tears
    • Open-toed footwear/slices, crocs, or slippers

    All clothing must fit correctly. Tight-fitting and/or revealing clothing will not be allowed. Clothing that presents a distration or is deemed ianppropriate will result in a dress code violation and will be corrected immediately.

    ID Badges and Lanyards

    Students must wear ID badges and lanyards at all times. Lanyards will be color-coded by grade level.

    Thank you for help us create and uphold a more secure educational experience.