Choice and In-House Programs

  • Loggers' Run Community Middle has a variety of Choice Programs including Performing Arts, Pre-Culinary, Pre-Law, and Pre-Medical Sciences.

    Performing Arts

    The Performing Arts program provides unique opportunities for the committed and talented student who has a serious interest in the Performing Arts. In-depth study of the Arts develops conceptual and technical skills of artistic expression and brings to fruition the student's individual interpretations of the world. Students can apply to participate in these extensive, highly specialized courses in Dance, Theatre (acting and musical)*, Music-Band, and Music-Chorus. *Auditions for these programs are held for placement post-lottery.

    Pre-Culinary Arts

    The Pre–Culinary program is a three year preparatory program for the middle school student designed to encourage and prepare students for entry into high school culinary arts career academies or related fields of study. This program also provides middle school students with consumer level skills, begin the exploration of the culinary field, as well as related occupations. Areas of study include nutrition, safety and sanitation, culinary terminology, small and large equipment usage and food preparation needed in the workforce. Opportunities to learn front and back– of–the–house operations through entrepreneurship activities are also built into the curriculum.


    The Pre-Law Academy provides middle school students with a fundamental understanding of the American legal system from a variety of perspectives, both civil and criminal. Students participating in this program will develop an appreciation of essential historical information concerning the developments of the United States legal system and the working structure of the government. Moreover, students will gain an understanding of procedural issues in the courts, specific concepts of law, the distinctive characteristics of criminal law and procedures, the roles of various legal professionals and the effect of legal ethics on the practice of law. This program also provides a functional appreciation for students with regard to the impact of the legal system on their lives and chosen future career endeavors.

    Pre-Medical Sciences

    The Pre-Medical Sciences program is a three-year preparatory honors program for the middle school student that emphasizes science, math, and language skills while preparing students to be highly competitive in the medical field. The courses offered include Orientation to Health Occupations, Exploration of Health Science Professions & Career Planning, and Medical Skills and Services.