Dress Code

  • We, at Loggers’ Run Middle School, believe that students have a right to attend a safe and secure school where the focus is on high academic performance.  We believe our standardized dress code will help promote a safe and wholesome learning environment for all students.  The dress code is the responsibility of the student. If students do not adhere to the following guidelines, progressive discipline will be put in place.


    • School Board Policy 5.183 will be strictly enforced – all cell phones must be powered off and in a backpack during the school day.
    • School Board Policy 5.0115 will be strictly enforced -  Student Photo Identification Badge must be visible at all times
    • Clothing, jewelry, buttons, etc with words, phrases, symbols, pictures, or insignia which are disruptive, obscene, profane, racist, suggestive, related to drugs, alcohol, or weapons are prohibited.
    • No head coverings, including any form of hat, hoodie, scarf, stocking, or bandana.  Also, hoods cannot cover the child’s head and face due to safety concerns.  
    • No exposed undergarments, sports jerseys, see-through materials, or sleepwear is allowed.
    • No blankets are allowed.

    Tops & Shirts

    Acceptable Clothing:

    • All school-sponsored t-shirts (LRMS sports/activities) are encouraged.
    • All tops must have regular sleeves and fit properly.
    • Undershirts or camisoles/tank tops should not be visible.
    • Zipper-style or pullover hooded sweatshirts are permitted; however, students must wear appropriate clothing underneath.

    Prohibited Clothing:

    • Tops that are see-through, sheer, sleeveless, strapless, spaghetti straps, backless, show midriff, crop tops, or are low cut.
    • Shirts cannot be too short/tight. Skin should not be exposed at waistline/midriff, even with arms extended above head.

    Pants & Shorts

    Acceptable Clothing:

    • All pants, including sweat pants and shorts, must fit properly at the waist, may not sag or reveal undergarments.
    • Dresses, skorts, and skirts must be mid-thigh in length and be worn with undershorts.
    • Holes, cut outs, or ripped pants/shorts can only be where skin is allowed to be shown.
    • If yoga pants, jeggings, or leggings are worn, they must be 3/4 or full-length.

    Prohibited Clothing:

    • All pants and shorts are not to be worn below the hips (no sagging).
    • Pajamas and costumes are not permitted.


    Acceptable Footwear:

    • Athletic-style shoes are preferred. All footwear must be closed-toe and have backs.

    Prohibited Footwear:

    • Sandals, slides, flip flops, slippers, Crocs, rubber thongs, cleats, wedges, and high heels are not allowed.

    House/Spirit Days

    • House/Spirit Day attire will be approved by the Administration.
    • If students choose not to participate in the House/Spirit Day attire, they are required to follow the school dress code.