National Junior Honor Society Application Requirements

  • The National Junior Honor Society is based on the five pillars of scholarship, service, leadership, character and citizenship. In order to be eligible for the Wellington Landings Middle School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society, all of the following conditions must be met.

    1. Scholarship: Students must have a grade point average of 3.67 or higher for the first three quarters of 7th grade. Members will be expected to maintain this grade point average at all times during membership.
    2. Service: Students must have at least 5 hours of documented service within the community. This service must be performed without any compensation. The student will be required to write about his/her particular role in this service during the application process. Please note that service may not be documented by a family member. Documentation logs are provided so that service can be documented throughout the
    3. Leadership: Students must display their leadership skills by being involved within the school community. This involvement must include time spent outside of normal school hours by either being a part of a WLMS sports team, being a part of a WLMS after school club, or providing volunteer service at WLMS such as being a Gator Guide.
    4. Character: Students are expected to be exemplary role models at school and within the community. They will be required to get recommendations from two of their current teachers as part of the application process.
    5. Citizenship: Students must have conduct codes of all level 4s on the first three report cards in 7th grade. They are expected to be in dress code every day and have no detentions, suspensions or discipline referrals.

    Only 7th grade students are eligible to apply. If a 7th grade student meets all eligibility requirements, they will be invited to apply to the WLMS National Junior Honor Society no later than March 31, 2024. They will have one week to submit their application, and within a week, will be notified if they have been chosen. Absolutely no late applications will be accepted.

    Being a member of the National Junior Honor Society is a commitment. Members will be expected to attend mandatory monthly meetings. If you foresee a conflict between NJHS and any other outside activity, please carefully consider your application.