Dress Code

  • Tops: Solid Color Only – logos are permitted on the chest pocket

    • collared plain polo-style shirts
    • button-down blouse or shirt – plain – no trim- no embroidery
    • turtleneck
    • collared polo-style dress
    • official school t-shirt *Updated 7/13/23

    Sweaters: Sweaters/Jackets are permitted with or without zipper (pullovers are allowed). They must be solid in color logos are permitted on the chest pocket, and students still wear a collared shirt or school t-shirt underneath. No hoods permitted to be worn inside the building.

    Bottoms: Solid color only. No tears/holes, or embellishments/designs.
    Bottoms must be worn at the waist, not below.
    Colors: Navy, black, gray, blue denim, or any shade of khaki

    • Shorts – fingertip length
    • Pants
    • Skirts/skorts – fingertip length
    • Capri pants
    • Jumpers – fingertip length
    • PE shorts optional on PE rotation days *Updated 7/13/23

    Socks, tights, knee highs, and leggings:

    • Solid in color to be worn under uniform bottoms ONLY

    Friday Dress Code Only:
    Friday is Tiger Pride Day. Any South Olive t-shirt may be worn with plain denim or colored jeans, skirts, shorts, or the above mentioned bottoms. Students may opt to wear the traditional uniform on Fridays.

    In addition:

    • Shirts must not be oversized
    • All shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers must be fingertip length
    • Belts are optional
    • Sneakers, shoes with closed toe and heel, and flat low heel shoes. No Heelys or “croc” shoes permitted.

    Consequences for Dress Code Infractions in accordance with the School District of Palm Beach County Student Code of Conduct

    Repeated offenses may result in an office referral.

    Printable dress code.