Dress Code

  • All students are expected to be in the dress code. Any student out of compliance will be asked to change and will be subject to disciplinary action. 

    HLWMS Lanyards and IDs must be worn at all times during the school day.


    • Solid-color shirts must have a collar with buttons
    • HLWMS-issued T-shirts are permitted  (Sold at school or online)
    • No sleeveless shirts/tops or shirts with cap sleeves
    • The sweatshirt must have a school-approved shirt under it
    • No pictures, symbols, signs or writing larger than a pocket-sized logo, no drug, alcohol, or other inappropriate references allowed( Shirts or Sweatshirts)


    Solid color pants – blue, brown, khaki, or black
    Shorts must be to the knee or longer.
    All shorts must be at least fingertip length when standing
    Shorts must fit appropriately * Not permitted - shorts which are extremely short (example: running shorts which have an inseam of approx. 3-4 inches)


    • Must fit appropriately
    • Dresses must be one piece with collar and sleeves
    • Dress/skirt length and slit/s must be no more than 3 inches above the kneecap when standing


    • Only clear or mesh backpacks or carry bags will be allowed 
    • Material not meeting this standard are a potential safety hazard and will be confiscated by the school administration


    • Closed-toe. No flip flops, slides, or crocs.
    • Closed-heel
    • Tennis shoes, sneakers or loafer

    Friday Dress Code

    • Students may wear college T-shirts or HL Watkins T-shirts
    • Shorts, pants, and skirts rules remain the same Monday through Friday

    What NOT to wear

    • No Jeans
    • No see-through clothing
    • No visible undergarments or exposed midriff
    • No tank tops/ sleeveless shirts/exposed shoulders
    • No hats/hoods/head coverings (religious exceptions apply)
    • No bandanas, hats, wraps, scarves, doo-rags, or wave caps
    • No leggings, jeggings, “bike shorts” nor sweatpants
    • No athletic shorts including basketball shorts
    • Hoods may not be placed on head during school hours.