Choice Program: Science, Technology, English, Arts & Math (STEAM)

  • The Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) program provides motivating, highly engaging, hands–on instruction in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. This program fosters innovation through scientific method, art design and creative problem solving and schools may use the Engineering is Elementary program during the fine arts wheel. Each grade level develops year–long STEAM projects including hydroponic, butterfly and vegetable gardens, recycling, life cycle studies of flora and fauna, mural design, and use of the latest technology to include a 3D printer. Extracurricular clubs may include chess, SECME, art, music, dance, Lego bricks, fitness, and cooking.

    Why choose Citrus Cove?

    Each day, students learn to embrace inquiry, work collaboratively and persist in problem-solving strategies, all while engaging in an innovative STEAM curriculum that encourages them to embrace a variety of opportunities.

    What makes Citrus Cove unique?

    STEAM is the heartbeat of our school. When you walk into any classroom you witness an exciting learning environment where teachers integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics into their lessons. In addition, STEAM continues into our Fine Arts Department.

    • The STEM Lab engages students in rich authentic learning experiences while promoting collaboration! Students work in small groups and use the Engineering Design Process to solve real-world problems based on science and mathematical concepts.
    • Our Technology Lab breaks the mold of traditional learning! Our advanced curriculum challenges students by providing opportunities for them to enhance skills in coding, robotics and Legos. These practices ensure that every child will become successful in the 21st century.
    • The Media Center is truly a gateway to the future! With alternative seating, hands-on activities, and a maker space, students receive a powerful brain boost during the day.
    • The Art Room is one of a kind! Students are transported through a portal of imagination and creativity. Here, students learn about the “Masters” and elements by utilizing an iPad station with interactive artistic apps and a variety of tactile stations.
    • Music is alive in the hearts of our students! Students are exposed to a variety of hands-on activities and science concepts through their exploration of musical instruments.

    STEAM TEAM: Mrs. Barica, Ms. Begleiter, Ms. Brathwaite, Mr. Koesten, Coach Lunsford, Ms. Otto, Ms. Richards and Coach Ross