Dress Code

  • Tops: Polo Shirt: No large logos except Citrus Cove
    Colors: Any Solid Color

    Bottoms: Docker-style shorts, skorts, skirts (recommend shorts under skirts/dresses), pants, or jumpers (shorts/skorts/skirts/jumpers: knee-length or end of your child's fingertips)
    Colors: Black, Navy, Gray, or Khaki

    Shoes: Sneakers or Completely Closed-In, Rubber-Soled Shoes (No Crocs, Flip Flops, Platform Boots, Platform Sneakers, or Sandals)
    Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Velcro Shoes Preferred

    Jackets: Solid Color
    Students are NOT allowed to wear Hoods in the building, Students who have their hood up will be asked to remove their jacket.

    No Large Hoops or Accessories that distract students from learning.

    Friday is SPIRIT DAY: Students may wear a Citrus Cove Elementary Shirt on Friday with Jeans.

    * Dress Code will be enforced to maintain the focus on learning.