Eligibility Requirements FY24

  • All athletes must complete and pass a physical prior to conditioning, trying out, or practicing for any sport. Physicals need to be completed each school year. Athletic Packets with SDPBC and FHSAA forms are required. (www.aktivate.com)

    • All student-athletes entering the 9th grade must have been promoted from the 8th grade and maintain a 2.0 GPA.
    • Every student-athlete must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 to be eligible to play. (Grades are checked after each semester.)
    • Student-Athletes must have health care insurance. The company name and policy number must be listed on the physical form. If health care insurance is needed, you may purchase the School Accident Insurance offered by School Insurance of Florida. (Forms available online at www.schoolinsuranceofflorida.com)
    • All student-athletes are subject to and must adhere to the PBC and OHCHS citizenship policy. Athlete’s participation is a privilege and all athletes must represent their school and sport in a positive light on and off campus or risk the chance of losing this privilege.
    • Anyone taking summer Edgenuity/E2020 courses for credit recovery to bring up their GPA must have it completed by August 5 to ensure they are entered by August 9.
    • Courses completed after August 9 are NOT calculated into the GPA used for athletic eligibility.
    • Players interested in trying out for a sport, please email the coach for information.

    Required NFHS Courses: Every athlete must complete the following courses and upload them to Aktivate Prior to tryouts. (Registration instructions)

    • Concussion in Sports
    • Heat Illness
    • Sudden Cardiac