Eligibility and Packet Information

  • Student-Athlete Eligibility Criteria

    Athletic Application Packet

    A new athletic application must be completed each school year in its entirety prior to participating in ANY sport. You must use the documents supplied within Aktivate and submit them digitally through Aktivate. No alternative documents may be used. (The Physical, or EL2, was updated in March of 2023. Any EL2 documents submitted that contain the old document with "rev 03/2016" in the corner will be rejected. The physical, or EL2, is valid for 365 days from the date the physician signs it.) some forms will be required to physically complete, scan, and upload to the application. Please ensure the scans are legible or your paperwork will not be cleared. 

    We cannot accept the following documents in place of the FHSAA EL2 Sports Physical:

    • State of Florida School Entry Health Exam
    • Florida Certificate of Immunization
    • FL Dept of Health Medical Evaluation
    • Previous FHSAA EL2, "rev 03-2016"

    Forging or falsifying ANY information within the document will result in the suspension of the student athlete 365 days from the date of discovery (FHSAA Handbook

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    GPA Eligibility

    In accordance with Florida Statute 1006.15(3)(a), a student must maintain a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale to be eligible for interscholastic athletic competition. The FHSAA does not have the authority to provide waivers of the minimum GPA requirement.

    • A high school student must have a cumulative 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 unweighted scale, or its equivalent, at the conclusion of each semester to be academically eligible during the next semester.
    • All high school level courses must be counted towards the student’s cumulative GPA, including those taken before the student entered high school.
    • A student’s academic eligibility is determined by his/her GPA on the first day of each semester. A student’s academic eligibility cannot change during the semester. Any coursework completed throughout the semester will be calculated into the GPA at the conclusion of the semester.

    Tryout Fee/Insurance Fee

    Cash is NOT accepted. Payment is nonrefundable. Pay through School Cash Online.

    Option 1: A student-athlete may choose to pay a ONE-TIME $75.00 fee.

    Option 2: A $10.00 non-refundable fee can be submitted to try-out for any sports team. Upon making the team, the student-athlete is responsible for remitting the balance of $65.00 before participating in further practice or games/events. Until the $75.00 annual limit is reached, the student-athlete must remit an additional $10.00 try-out fee for each sport.

    Information on School Insurance of Florida can be found HERE. The insurance begins with the first FHSAA playing date, and ends at the conclusion of the last FHSAA playing date. It does not apply to the summer.

    NFHS Courses

    As per FHSAA Policy, all student-athletes and coaches are required to annually complete the following NFHS Learn courses before participation. All courses are FREE. Certificates must be in the name of the student athlete, or they will not be accepted.

    Homeschool/Private School Additional Paperwork

    Students zoned for Jupiter High School, but take homeschool courses, full-time FLVS, or alternative. Alternative homeschools must have a total enrollment of less than 125 students for grades 9-12 for students to be eligible to participate at Jupiter High School.

    The Parent/Guardian must schedule a meeting with the Athletic Director and bring the following:

    • 2 proofs of Residency (lease/mortgage and utility bill)
    • Parent's Driver's License
    • Athlete's original Birth Certificate, no copies accepted
    • Transcripts reflecting all high school courses taken since 8th/9th grade - can use the FHSAA EL9 for homeschool transcripts

    Summer Workouts Information

    Attendance at the Summer Off-Season Program is not a requirement for student athletes. Student participation in Off-Season or Summer Programs is totally voluntary. 

    Schools will allow students to use the school facilities for Summer Off-Season conditioning and weightlifting as a public service. The School District is not responsible for payment of medical bills in the event that a student is injured while on public school grounds during the summer vacation months or during Summer programs on Public School grounds.

    Parents can purchase a low-cost accident insurance policy to help cover some of the medical bills in the event of an injury sustained during off-season summer weightlifting exercise programs from School Insurance of Florida. Insurance applications are available online at www.schoolinsuranceofflorida.com. This policy has limitations and exclusions and may not pay 100% of all medical expenses if a student is injured and requires medical treatment. The accident policy only covers conditioning/weightlifting and open gym activities during the summer months.

    Athletes must have the following on file with the head coach of your sport prior to participating in summer workouts:

    • Summer Waiver
    • Proof of insurance
    • Valid EL2 - Physical (The school only retains page 4 or 5. Do not submit any other pages.)