• Student Dress Code

    The purpose of our dress code is to enhance school safety, reduce peer pressure and student conflict, foster school pride, and enrich the educational environment. This dress code was developed in compliance with School Board Policy 5.182 and received majority approval from the School Advisory Council and New Horizons faculty and staff.


    • Long or short sleeve collared shirts of any solid color (no logos, graphics, or writing)
    • Polo-style dresses of any solid color
    • Uniform Polo-style shirts with the New Horizons logo (can be purchased from the NH PTA)
    • Sweaters, jackets, and outerwear of any solid color
    • Fridays: School spirit shirts


    • Solid uniform khaki, black, navy, or gray long pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, or jumpers (fingertip length and must be worn at the waist)
    • Fridays: jeans or jean shorts (no cut-offs, holes or rips)
    • Sneakers or loafers must be worn daily.
    • No shoes with wheels or heels, flip-flops or Crocs


    • Fridays will be School Spirit Days.  Students are permitted to wear jeans and a New Horizons spirit shirt which may be purchased from the NH PTA.
    • No tops/bottoms should be spandex, camouflage, or lycra material, including basketball or cheerleading shorts.
    • Athletic wear/jerseys are not permitted
    • Hats, caps, scarves, hoodies, bandannas, or other headgear are not permitted unless required for bona fide religious reasons or health purposes prescribed by a physician.