Morning and Afterschool Program

  • Bear Lakes Middle School is offering a free morning and afterschool program. If you are interested in the program, please read the Rules and Procedures Document and complete the Digital Registration Form. If your child is not accepted into the program, they will be placed on a waiting list and parents will be notified when a spot becomes available.

    Mission Statement
    The Bruin Afterschool Program will provide opportunities for personal enrichment and academic improvement through recreational activities, homework assistance and tutoring, as well as social skills development (including conflict resolution and team building.) Through meaningful participation in afterschool activities, students develop positive relationships with adults, enhance their affiliation to the school, and develop skills for lifelong learning.


    1. Attendance: Students are expected to attend the program regularly. Students who do not attend regularly risk losing their spot in the program.
    2. Morning Care Drop off: The morning care program begins at 8:00 am. Students arriving after 8:15 am will not be allowed in morning care for that day. Transportation is not provided for morning care.
    3. Morning Care: The Gym will not be used for morning care due to CDC Guidelines.
    4. Pickup: Students are required to be picked up on time. Students who are habitually late leaving campus will be removed from the program.
    5. Discipline: The following Behavior Management System will be used with all participating students:

      ● Follow all directions given by the teachers
      ● Stay in your assigned area
      ● Use appropriate language
      ● Above all, RESPECT each other!
      Consequences: Verbal Warning, Phone call, Suspension from the program, dismissal from the program.