Dress Code

  • Boca Raton Community Middle School supports and follows Districtwide Dress Code Policy 5.182 in conjunction with our own schoolwide Single School Culture Allowable Clothing List.  We encourage a safe and effective learning environment and want all students dressed for success and ready to learn.  If you are in doubt about whether a particular garment is acceptable or not, do not wear it, and wear a BRCMS school shirt.


    Students must wear ID’s on their lanyard around their neck at all times as per FL Safety Statute.

    Allowable Clothing

    Note: Medical/Choice students have additional requirements

    Shirts (2 types)

    • Polo - Any solid color polo style shirt with button-up neck; with collar, sleeves; and worn as the outermost garment.
    • School-Sponsored T-Shirt - BRCMS approved sponsored Cobra and Anti-Bullying t-shirts. 
    • PTSA Sells our school shirts: https://brcms.memberhub.com


    • Shorts, Pants, Jeans - Any Solid/cotton colors with belts worn (if necessary), Sweatpants are allowable - must be tied/worn at the waist.
    • No Holes in Jeans/Shorts/Pants
    • No Leggings, Spandex 
    • No Pajama Bottoms or Camouflage (Solid Colors Only)  


    • Any Solid Color khaki, cargo, jean
    • No Camouflage, Yoga/Spandex, or Gym (Athletic) Shorts
    • Fingertip length, worn at waist


    • Only Solid Color Uniform Skorts Allowed 


    • Loafers, sneakers, and flat shoes must be worn.
    • Shoes must be completely enclosed and flat.
    • No crocs, boots, high heels, flip flops or slides are permitted for safety reasons.       

    Sweatshirts and Sweaters

    • Sweatshirts/sweaters Without Hoods
    • Solid Colors only
    • Logo no greater than 2" diameter
    • Must be won over a polo/golf-style shirt.
    • PTSA sells sweatshirts w/o hoodies: https://brcms.mem.com/    

    Jackets and Vests

    • Jackets Without Hoods
    • Blazer-style jacket or vest (Solid Colors; same as shirts) worn over a polo/golf-style shirt or approved BRCMS/COBRA T-Shirt only.
    • Outerwear lightweight jackets must be conservative, appropriate Solid Color, and correct size.


    • Sunglasses that are prescription.
    • No hats, hoods, bandanas or sweatbands.
    • Headphones and ear buds should not be worn or visible and stowed away at all times.

    For exceptions to School Board Policy 5.182 and/or School Board Directive 5.182 (Dress Code) please contact the administration.

    Questions regarding the policy should be directed to the Grade Level Administrator.

    Dress code will be checked and enforced throughout the day and students will be responsible with the following consequences:

    Perfect Pass Infraction System/Consequences

    • 1-3 offenses - written warning
    • 4-9 offenses - 1-day Mandatory After School Detention 4:15 - 5:15 p.m.
    • 10+ offenses - 3 days Mandatory After School Detention 4:15 - 5:15 p.m.

    Parents will receive an auto-email for dress code infractions.  In extreme situations, parents will be called to bring in different clothing.

    Do you need assistance with the Dress Code?  Call our Guidance Department at 561-416-8739.