Dress Code

  • Students in grades K-5 are expected to wear the school uniform daily. Pre-K students may choose whether or not to wear the school uniform. If a student is out of uniform, he/she may call the parents for a change of clothing or he/she may borrow and change into a gently used clean uniform for the school day.

    Tops & Colors:

    • ALL styles (Any SOLID color only, no stripes. No logo larger than a quarter.)

    Bottoms & Colors:

    • Long pants, shorts, & skirts (fingertip length), capris pants, jumpers (SOLID colors only, no stripes, blue - any shade, white, gray, black, tan/khaki)
    • Leggings are permitted, but must be accompanied with a shirt that reaches the bottom of the students’ fingertips in length. 

    Fridays & Cold Weather Days:

    • PLAIN denim may be worn with a uniform top. (Denim must not be cut off and must not have designs, bling, holes, multiple shades or rips.)
    • Scout uniforms on meeting days are permitted.

    Sweatshirts and/or Sweaters:

    • Any SOLID color only, no stripes, no logos larger than a quarter.


    • Closed toe every day and sneakers on PE day

    *Administration reserves the right to contact parents, for a change of clothes, when a students’ clothing is deemed detrimental/disruptive to the learning environment.