Student Registration

FY21 Enrollment - New Student Registration Procedures


New Student Registration

New student registrations and transfers will continue to follow the instructions below. The Welcome Center will continue to provide support as needed, but schools should be the first option for registration assistance for new registrations. 

If you are a new family/transfer student to the Palm Beach County School District and would like to register your child for school, please follow these steps:

1)  Go to Find My School.
2)  Enter your home address. This will bring up the zoned elementary, middle, and high school for your address.
3)  In the Find my school app, there will be Request Registration Information which allows you to contact the school and request information to register your child.
4)  Once you have made contact with the school, they will help you register your child.
5)  The necessary Registration Documents are included in the links below. Select the documents in your preferred language.

The process below is for schools that are currently open and handle registration through appointments:

1)  Parent/Guardian goes to Find My School.
Parents can contact the school by phone or email.
3)  Registrar or other designated school-based employee emails the parent the registration packet in the appropriate language. The parent can also pick up the packet directly from the school.

• Registration Documents - English
• Registration Documents - Spanish
 Registration Documents - Haitian Creole
• Registration Documents - Portuguese
• Registration Documents - Chinese
• Registration Documents - Vietnamese
 Registration Documents - Arabic
• Registration Documents - French

4)  Parent is assigned an appointment time to either drop off the completed registration packet, or complete the packet on-site at the school.

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