School Entry Health Requirements

  • Immunizations

    Parents may contact the following locations that provide immunization services.

    Florida Department of Health, Palm Beach County
    Appointment Line: (561) 625-5180
    Lantana Health Center - 1250 Southwinds Dr., Lantana, FL 33462
    West Palm Beach Health Center - 1150 45th St., West Palm Beach, FL 33407
    Delray Beach Health Center - 225 S. Congress Ave., Delray Beach, FL 33445
    Belle Glade Health Center - 38754 State Road 80, Belle Glade, FL 33430

    Immunization Services and School Physical
    561-432-5849 (Appointment line)

    Mission Clinic - 561-460-3555
    School Physical Only
    4949 S. Congress Ave. Suite B
    Palm Springs, FL 33461

    Genesis Community Health
    Immunization Services and School Physical
    Boynton Beach: 561-430-3629, 561-235-5477
    Boca Raton: 561-735-6553, 561-810-8790

    C L Brumback Primary Care Clinics - Florida Health Care District of PB County
    Appointment Line: (561) 642-1000
    Belle Glade Clinic - 39200 Hooker Highway, Belle Glade, FL 33430
    Lantana Clinic - 1250 Southwinds Drive, Lantana, FL 33462
    West Palm Beach Clinic - 1150 45 th Street, WPB, FL 33407

    Florida Community Health Centers, Inc
    Pahokee Center - 170 S. Barfield Highway, Suite 101 Pahokee, Florida 33476 Ph: (561) 924-6100
    West Palm Beach - 5827 Corporate Way Suite 135, West Palm Beach, Florida 33407 Ph: (561) 612-6524
    Belle Glade - 941 SE 1st Street, Belle Glade, Florida 33430 Ph: (561)-518-7001  

    The Immunization Van provides immunization services at the Welcome Center. Please visit the Immunization Van Schedule page for additional information.

    It is important for parents/guardians to know that sign-in begins at 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM (Limited Space Available). The immunization services will begin at 10:00 AM.

    All students registering for school in Palm Beach County will need to follow the following physical examination and immunization (vaccination) health requirements. The Florida Department of Health monitors and reviews immunization requirements and advises schools about compliance.

    Physical Examinations

    P-5.06 (A) and F.S. 1003.22(1)

    A school entry health exam is required for all students new to the District and those in Pre-K, kindergarten, and seventh grade, who are not claiming an exemption. Physical exams should be on the State of Florida School Entry Health Exam Form DH 3040, be completed within 12 months prior to the date of entry into the District, Pre-K, kindergarten, or seventh grade, and provided to the school within 30 days of entry.

    Out of state health exams may be accepted as long as they meet the same assessment requirements in Form DH3040 and have the physician's signature and office stamp. If presenting an out-of-state physical exam, the parent/guardian must also complete and sign Part I of the State of Florida (DH 3040).

    Required Immunizations

    P-5.06 (B) and F.S. 1003.22 (4)

    Students entering kindergarten, seventh grade, or registering for school in Palm Beach County for the first time must receive vaccinations and provide a Florida SHOTS Certification of Immunization Form (DH 680) to the school upon registration.  A Florida SHOTS Certification of Immunization Form DH 680 indicating compliance with the current required schedule of immunizations must be presented prior to admittance and/or attendance at school.

    A Certificate of Religious Exemption form DH 681 can only be obtained from the Florida Department of Health (Palm Beach County Health Department) and can be presented to the school if the student is seeking exemption on religious grounds. Students who are homeless, transfers, or entering juvenile justice may be eligible for a 30-day exemption. See FAC64D-3.046(4).

    Vaccinations for students entering kindergarten or any grade as a new student in the County:

    • Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (DTaP/DT Series) – Four of five doses. If the fourth dose is prior to the fourth birthday, a fifth dose of DTaP/DT vaccine is required.
    • Hepatitis B (Hep B Series) – Two-dose (age 11-15) or a three-dose series.
    • Polio (OPV or IPV) – Four doses (the last one after age 4). If the fourth dose is prior to the fourth birthday, a fifth dose of OPV or IPV vaccine is required for entry into kindergarten.
    • Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) – Two doses.
    • Varicella – Two doses or a provider verification of Chickenpox/Varicella disease history Form DH680.

    In addition to the K-12 vaccines, students entering seventh grade must have:

    • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis booster (Tdap) – One Dose

    If a student is currently enrolled in Palm Beach County schools and entering the seventh grade, an updated DH 680 form must be provided prior to the start of school.

    Vaccinations and the DH 680 form are available through local medical providers, local physicians, or the Florida Department of Health (Palm Beach County Health Centers).

    Vaccinations are also available through the Florida Department of Health Palm Beach County Immunization Van. For a list of dates and times for the van, call (561) 840-4568. Be sure to bring your child’s current immunization records when receiving vaccines

    Complete list of exemptions allowed per Fla. Stat. 1003.22:

    • Children with a temporary or permanent medical exemption (requires a completed DH Form 680 from a medical provider).
    • Children with a religious exemption (requires a completed DH Form 681).
    • Homeless children.
    • Children in Foster Care.
    • Children entering a juvenile justice program.
    • Children transferring into the County.
    • Children of military families as defined by Fla. Stat. 1000.36