Parent Leadership Council

  • Parental involvement and participation is of utmost importance in your child's academic life. District Parent Leadership Council meetings are held quarterly at the District office and each school conducts their PLC meetings once per semester. The Meta Agreement, which addresses the civil rights of English Language Learner (ELL) students states, “Parental involvement and participation in Limited English Proficient (LEP) students’ educational programming and academic achievement shall be promoted, among other ways by establishing Parent Leadership Councils at each school level composed in the majority of parents of LEP students.”

    The purpose of the Parent Leadership Council (PLC) is to provide leadership training and orientation to parents and guardian(s) of ELL students. The Parent Leadership Council is designed to help parents become informed decision makers for their child. Through the Parent Leadership Council, parents are advised of opportunities to participate on existing and district advisory committees. PLC members receive information about various organizations, committees and volunteer opportunities available.

    The goal of the PLC is to develop partnerships between parents, the community, and school staff. This collaboration requires all parties involved to work together to achieve goals such as providing social and emotional support, as well as working to implement strategies that facilitate academic success for ELL students. If you are interested in participating in a school or district Parent Leadership Council, let your child's school know.

    To get involved at your school - Contact the School's ESOL Coordinator

    To get involved in the District PLC - Contact Nadilia Charles at (561) 434-7348 or e-mail 


    Benefits of Parent Involvement

    Parent Leadership Council Flowchart