Advisory Boundary Committee (ABC)

  • The Advisory Boundary Committee (ABC) is comprised of appointed volunteers from the community, who meet on a regular basis to review enrollment projections, demographic trends and proposals for attendance zone changes per School Board Policies 5.01 and 5.012. During the year, the ABC provides attendance zone change recommendations to the Superintendent. School Board members are responsible for making final decisions regarding the adjusting and/or creation of school attendance zones. This review process occurs on an annual basis beginning in the Spring and is overseen by the Manager and staff of the School Enrollment & Demographics Section.

    Per School Board Policy 5.012 (8)(p)(iii) - Advisory Boundary Committee, we kindly request that written public comment regarding the attendance zone studies not be emailed directly to individual ABC members, please instead email comments to:

    Written comment received via the Public Comment email address will be shared with the entire committee. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Dates, times, and locations of Advisory Boundary Committee & Community Input Meetings will be posted on the Student Enrollment & Demographics web page.