How to Become a Volunteer

  • Are you interested in volunteering at one of our District Schools?

    When thinking about volunteering, it is good to know:

    • The age group you prefer to work with (Elementary, Middle, or High School).
    • The location where you would prefer to volunteer.

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    Volunteer Coordinators

    Once you decide on a school, ask to speak to the school’s Volunteer Coordinator and let him/her know what you would like to do and the day(s) and time(s) you will be available to volunteer. The Volunteer Coordinator will try to work with your schedule. The Volunteer Coordinator will also provide orientation, any necessary training for your assignment, and training on the VIPS Count tracking system. The orientation and training must be completed before volunteering at any District School Site.

    School Safety

    • All public schools will use Raptor Volunteer.
    • Raptor will be used for background clearance, application completion, and recording volunteer hours.
    • Every time they visit the school, all volunteers must scan in/out through the Raptor Volunteer before passing the front desk and going on campus.

    Before Volunteering at the School

    • Complete a volunteer application.
    • Have your ID scanned through the Raptor system.
    • Complete District Volunteer Training and Orientation
      (The Volunteer Coordinator will provide the training.)

    Volunteering at the School

    Every time you volunteer, you must sign in and out using the Raptor Kiosk in the school's main office. Questions should be directed to the school’s Volunteer Coordinator.

    Please know that your encouragement, patience and boost of self-esteem are critically important to our students. The intrinsic value of your volunteering is immeasurable. You are a difference maker!

    We thank you for your time and support and look forward to seeing you soon!