Choice Programs

  • Biomedical Sciences (FAU College of Medicine)

    The goal of the Healthcare Careers Outreach Program (HCOP), with the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University, is to foster student interest in Medicine and prepare students to be college and medical school ready. Participating students will be mentored by FAU College of Medicine students during activities held on FAU campus. Activities include field trips to the FAU Simulation Center, Anatomy Lab, dissections, college roadshow workshops and research experiences. Parent or guardian participation is expected. The FAU HCOP program supports underrepresented and under–served minorities in South Florida on their path towards Medicine. In the School District of Palm Beach County all medical courses provide local honors credit. Clinical rotations are conducted at area hospitals and other healthcare and research facilities. Students successfully completing the 4 accelerated high school honors courses in middle school receive 4 high school credits and a program completion certificate in Biomedical Sciences. In addition, students sit for industry certification exams in healthcare and may receive articulated college credits at several post–secondary institutions.

    All students applying to this program must meet the following two part eligibility criteria: A minimum of 3 or above on state assessments and an eligible score on an internal assessment which includes two essays and an interview.

    Environmental Science/GIS

    Environmental Science/GIS includes instruction in biology, chemistry, physics, geosciences, climatology, statistics, and mathematical modeling. There is a focus on the application of biological, chemical, and physical principles to the study of the physical environment and the solution of environmental problems, including subjects such as abating or controlling environmental pollution and degradation. It also focuses on the interaction between human society and the natural environment, and natural resource management.

    Leadership Academy (African American/Afro-Centric Studies)

    The Roosevelt Leadership Academy will intensely focus on the development of the full human potential of our young leaders. This STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) based/focused program offers unique educational opportunities and experiences using an Afro-Centric delivery of curriculum and infusing African American Studies across the core academic areas. Computers and other technologies will be used to enhance and assist the learning process and to create highly motivated students. Parents and guardians are encouraged to be involved with their child’s learning experiences throughout the school year. Students will have the opportunity to interact with community leaders and explore the contributions of African and African Americans at the local, state, national, and international levels.


    The Pre-Engineering curriculum provides a project–based, hands–on learning approach that is exciting and fun for students in grades 6-8. Classroom experiences relate technology to students’ daily lives. It also promotes communication and collaboration by emphasizing a team approach in the instructional units. The approach utilizes the strengths of each team member to accomplish the goals of the project, while offering students learning challenges at all ability levels.

    Pre-Medical Sciences

    The Pre-Medical Sciences program is a three–year preparatory honors program for the middle school student that emphasizes science, math, and language skills while preparing students to be highly competitive in the medical field. The courses offered include Orientation to Health Occupations, Exploration of Health Science Professions & Career Planning, and Medical Skills and Services. In the School District of Palm Beach County all medical courses provide local honors credit.


    Students in the Technology program use technology as an educational tool that integrates various technologies into academic projects, presentations, learning activities, and assessments. Eighth grade students can earn a Technology Industry Certification.