Choice Programs

  • Multimedia/Television Production

    Students will learn the fundamentals of journalism, story-boarding, scripting, lighting, and equipment set up. Students will demonstrate an understanding of control room operations, such as super-imposing, operating internal key sources, chrome key applications, and altering key colors. Students will also demonstrate an understanding of video editing skills by learning hands-on with professional non-linear editing software. This program will be journalism intensive the first year so that students have a strong writing background, before moving to skills regarding camera systems, operations, sound, graphics, editing, lighting and staging during the second year. The final year will involve hands-on, team-oriented experiences with production as the goal. This strong writing and production program will support rigor in academic Language Arts courses and link to the content of two IT courses.


    The Pre-Veterniary program is a three-year preparatory program for middle school students that emphasizes science and math skills while preparing students to pursue veterinary medicine and/or animal sciences at the high school level. Equine topics are introduced while students complete related field work and participate in labs with guest speakers from the fields of veterinary and equine science. Students in this program take career courses combined with the highest level math and science courses, culminating with high school level courses including Algebra 1 Honors, Geometry Honors, and Earth Space Honors.

    Choice Coordinator Contact Information:
    Jennifer Eklund
    Office: (561) 422-2554