International Baccalaureate Programme

  • International Baccaulaurate logoThe IB Mission Statement

    "Education for a better world"

    The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

    To this end, the IBO works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment.

    These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.


    Applicants must meet eligibility requirements. Eligibility will be determined by the student’s academic record from the previous year and the first semester of the current year. If the student attends or has attended a private school, a school not in Palm Beach County, Palm Beach Virtual School, Florida Virtual School, Home-school, or completed dual enrollment coursework, it is the parents’ responsibility to request a copy of the final grade(s) and transcript to be sent to the Suncoast Choice Office.

    Strand Preference for IB/MYP students

    Since the MYP is a five-year program from grades 6-10, first choice applicants for the high school continuation of the IB Middle Years Programme who have satisfactorily completed grades 7 and 8 (MYP Levels 2 and 3) and who meet the IB eligibility requirements will be assigned to the partner high school IB/MYP program. (John F Kennedy MS to Suncoast HS; Carver MS to Atlantic HS; Conniston MS to Forest Hill HS; Pahokee MS to Pahokee HS).

    What is IB?

    The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) is designed to provide a seamless educational experience for ninth graders as they progress towards the academic demands of the IB Diploma Programme which begins in the 11th grade year.  The MYP student receives learning experiences that are connected to their lives and the world around them through interdisciplinary and concept-based learning in the six subject groups.  Students are required to study a second language to support an understanding of their cultures and the culture of others.  MYP students are also empowered to participate in service within the community leading to a personal project, and they are also required to complete specified assessments in the classroom.

    The IB Diploma Programme (DP) addresses the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of students. The DP has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities because students make connections across academic disciplines in six subjects.  The DP student completes assessments that are scored or moderated by external examiners to further augment the integrity of the pre-university program.  The Programme develops skills and a positive attitude toward learning as students explore the nature of knowledge through the unique Theory of Knowledge course.  Students undertake in-depth research in an area of their interest through completion of the Extended Essay, and they enhance their personal and interpersonal development through Creativity, Activity and Service.

    Prospective IB students and their parents should carefully examine the program’s four-year plan prior to applying as the curriculum is academically rigorous and demands a high level of dedication and commitment.
    Please Note:  Program classes are subject to change as needed.

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    Entering grade 9 students applying to IB must meet the following criteria:  3.0 Academic GPA. Algebra 1 and High School credit Spanish or French is RECOMMENDED. 

    IB students are REQUIRED to complete the following 4-year plan:

    IB: International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

    Grade 9

    Grade 10

    Grade 11

    Grade 12

    AICE English General Paper AICE Literature in English IB Literature III (AP English Lit & Comp) IB English Lit IV (HL)
    Social Studies      
    World History (MYP or AP) VCS/AP US Government IB History of the Americas IB Contemporary History II (HL)
    Algebra I (R or MYP) & 
    Foundational Skills in Math
    In lieu of Elective
    Geometry (R or MYP) and Algebra II (R or MYP)  IB Applications & Int 1  IB Math:Applications & Int 2 (SL)  
    Geometry (R) & Foundational Skills in Math or Geometry (MYP) Algebra II (R or MYP)  IB Applications & Int 1 or
    IB Analysis & Approach 1  
    IB Applications & Int 2 (SL) or
    IB Analysis & Approach 2 (SL)
    Algebra II (R or MYP) Math for College Algebra or MYP Pre-Calculus IB Applications & Int 1 or
    IB Analysis & Approach 2 (SL) 
    IB Applications & Int 2 (SL) or
    AP Calculus BC or Elective
    MYP Biology


    Chemistry 1 Honors

    AP Physics I
    Req for IB Physics HL

    IB Env Sys & Soc II (SL) or
    IB Biology I or II (SL) or
    IB Chemistry I

    AP Physics II must take 🡪 

    Science Elective or
    IB Biology III (HL) or Science Elect or
    IB Chemistry II (SL) 

    IB Physics III (HL)

    World Language
    (See flowchart)
    MYP World Language French/Spanish MYP World Language French/Spanish IB or AP World Language French/Spanish IB World Lang French/Spanish V (SL) or VI (HL)
    Spanish Speaks III or Spanish 3 Honors AP Spanish Language AP Spanish Literature IB Spanish Lang/Lit (SL)
    Bilingual Diploma
    MYP Personal Fitness/MYP PE Elective or AP Physics I
    Req for IB Physics HL
    Semester Elective/TOK 1
    Choose one of the classes listed below

    TOK II/Semester Elective
    Choose one of the classes listed below  

    Elective Fine Art Elective IB Art I
    IB Music I
    IB Theatre I
    IB Philosophy 2 (SL)
    IB Economics I or II (SL)
    IB Psychology I
    Alternative IB Science

    IB Art II (SL) or III (HL)
    IIB Music II (SL) or III (HL)
    IB Theatre II (SL) or III (HL)
    IB Economics III (HL - last year)
    IB Psychology II (SL) or III (HL)
    Alternate IB Science Cont. or Elective