Successful Students

  • Success in high school isn’t easy to quantify. Is it earning a 4.0 GPA? Getting elected class president? Simply being happy and generally successful? Success might look different for every student, but the tools for achieving it are generally the same.

    Goal Setting
    Goal setting is a skill that develops over time. In fact, it can even be described as an art. To become a successful goal setter, you’ll need to get to know your own work habits and motivators. Setting unrealistic goals gets discouraging quickly.  Instead, set realistic long-term goals and work backwards from those to set smaller short-term goals to act as stepping stones. Then, make a plan to achieve these goals. Break your work down into manageable chunks and find a way to hold yourself accountable. Sometimes it can even help to coordinate with a group of peers so that you can help to hold one another accountable too.

    Time Management
    In order to optimize your performance across multiple aspects of your life, you’ll need to develop strong time management skills. This means making and sticking to study schedules, developing systems of organization that work well for you, and learning the art of multitasking.

    Balanced Schedule of Courses

    Many students struggle with finding balance. If you commit to the most challenging track of classes and then load up on challenging electives on top of it, you might overextended yourself, and your grades could suffer. On the other hand, if you don’t take on a course load that is challenging enough, you might feel bored, or find yourself with limited options when it comes time to apply to colleges.

    Early in your high school career, try to identify the right balance in course load for you. Freshman year is a great time to experiment with different levels of challenge and different subjects to figure out what works best for you personally. Try to take the most challenging level of core subjects that won’t overwhelm you and then balance it out by selecting electives that truly interest you.

    Use the resources below to help you be successful:
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