Students are tardy if they are outside of the classroom door when the bell stops ringing or are considered absent if not in class at least 25 minutes of the period.

    Tardies are reset at the start of each nine week period

    • Students should not enter classrooms after 9:30 am daily without a tardy pass from the tardy kiosk.
    • Tardies #1-3 result in a warning recorded in our Student Conductor. Parents will be notified for each tardy.The fourth tardy will result in a lunch detention. 
    • Once three lunch detentions have been issued for tardies within a nine week period, the student will be issued a grade level detention. Further infractions would be referred to the AP. 


    • “Absenteeism, excused or unexcused, regardless of the reason, negatively affects the continuity of the learning process. As a student’s absenteeism increases, there is a greater responsibility for the school to deter future absenteeism, and there is a greater responsibility for the student to demonstrate that such absenteeism has not negatively affected performance mastery.” (PBC Student and Family Handbook)
    • Absence notes must be written by a parent/guardian and submitted to the Attendance Office (In the Main Office) within 24- hours upon the students return.
    • Students absent 5 or more days in a nine week period must take a nine weeks exam for each class period they have acquired the absences and pass it with a 60% or higher.