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  • Spanish Dual Language

    What is Dual Language?
    The two-way dual language program is a unique program in which students learn to read, write and communicate in both English and Spanish. 

    Our Dual Language program is a two-way immersion program in which students receive instruction in both English and Spanish. In our program, students spend 50% of the day learning in Spanish and the other half of the day learning in English. The goal is for students maintain their own language while developing proficiency in a second language. In addition, the program stresses the importance of developing cross-cultural competence. The Dual Language classroom is comprised of half native English Speakers and half native Spanish speakers. The program is unique in that it provides students with an opportunity to be fully immersed in both languages. The full immersion model allows students to progress academically in their native language while developing the skills to become bi-literate and bicultural.

    Program Goals
    Students will develop high levels of academic proficiency in their first language.
    Students will develop high levels of academic proficiency in a second language.
    Students will become fully bilingual and bi-literate.
    Students will demonstrate positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors.

    Benefits of Dual Language
    Students are immersed in an additive bilingual environment that supports the development of both languages. Research studies indicate that participation in a Dual Language program can have positive effects for all students. Some of the benefits of participation in Dual Language include. 

    Students will demonstrate:
    Enhanced levels of meta-linguistic awareness (i.e., knowledge of how language works) which has proven to be important to reading acquisition.
    Improved performance versus monolingual students on tasks that call for divergent thinking, pattern recognition and problem-solving.
    Additional knowledge and understanding of one’s native language.
    Greater understanding, tolerance, appreciation, and respect for other languages and cultures.

    Enrolling in Dual Language at Melaleuca Elementary
    Students who live within Melaleuca’s attendance boundaries can request entry into the Dual Language Program during registration. Students, usually, enter the kindergarten and remain in the program through 5th grade. It is important that parents are committed to supporting their child’s growth as a bilingual learner throughout the full six years of the program.


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