Choice Programs

  • Congress Middle School has a variety of Choice and Career Programs, such as a Digital Graphic Design Academy, a Digital Video Design Academy, a Pre-Engineering Academy, a Pre-Medical Academy, and a STEAM program. Learn more about our programs, below.

    Digital Graphic Design Academy

    The Digital Graphic Design program is a unique sequence of courses that enables students to identify, analyze and create various forms of graphic art. The curriculum is highly project–based and designed to prepare students for high school graphic design academies. Students are introduced to the latest versions of graphic design software used in the professional industry, including: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6, and InDesign CS6. A wide array of tools are used to produce logos, labels, icons, advertising graphics, brochures, posters, presentation boards, photo enhancements, and SLR/Digital Photography.

    Digital Video Design Academy

    The Digital Video Design program enables students the opportunity to explore and create various hands–on video and audio animated digital projects. Students work in state of the art iMac Labs using a variety of software tools to create project–based assignments tailored to sequential curriculum. Student design projects include: video slide shows, video trademark logos, animated videos, video commercials with voice–overs, music videos, Garage Band music beats, mobile website videos, iPad friendly videos, smartphone ready videos, and mobile websites. The curriculum prepares students for high school programs that feature career related pathways in Audio/Video Technology, Film, and Telecommunications.

    Pre-Engineering Academy

    The Pre–Engineering curriculum provides a project–based, hands–on learning approach that is exciting and fun for students in grades 6–8. Classroom experiences relate technology to students’ daily lives. It also promotes communication and collaboration by emphasizing a team approach in the instructional units. The approach utilizes the strengths of each team member to accomplish the goals of the project, while offering students learning challenges at all ability levels.

    Pre-Medical Sciences Academy

    The Pre–Medical Sciences program is a three–year preparatory honors program for middle school students that emphasizes science, math, and language skills while preparing students to be highly competitive in the medical field. The courses offered include Orientation to Health Occupations, Exploration of Health Science Professions & Career Planning, and Medical Skills and Services. In the School District of Palm Beach County, all medical courses provide local honors credit.

    Science, Technology, English, Arts, and Math (STEAM)

    The Arts are integrated into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning experiences in the STEAM program at Congress Middle School. Students engage in a rigorous curriculum designed to stimulate artistic creativity through technology-rich, project–based learning while simultaneously promoting academic achievement through the study of STEM disciplines. Students also develop an understanding of the significance of the arts as they acquire knowledge and understanding of the core academic STEM subjects and standards. STEAM students can design and produce objects using 3–D printers in an interdisciplinary STEAM Innovation Lab or design, program, and test robots using advanced robotics software. They can participate in the Piano/Keyboarding Composition Lab, learn to play orchestral instruments, or learn different styles of Dance in a Dance studio and have the opportunity to participate in other arts classes. Congress Middle School students will also have the opportunity to participate in the Cougar Marching Band.