Dress Code

  • ID Badges are part of the Dress Code


    • Collared Shirts or Button-Down Shirts Only
    • Any Congress Middle School Shirt
    • Congress Club Shirt or Team Shirt


    • Approved Colors: Khaki, Blue, Black, solid color Blue or Black Jeans (No rips or tears in any part of the jean)
    • Pants, skirt, shorts, skorts and capris may be worn and must be worn at the natural waist line with a belt.
    • No tights, No Yoga or Spandex
    • In accordance with Florida State Law SB228: Undergarments shall not be visible
    • Shorts and skirts must extend to the knee
    • Absolutely no sweat jogger pants


    • No Slippers, Slides, Crocs or Rubber shoes (with or without socks)
    • No Heels Higher than 1 inch
    • No Backless Shoes, No Crocs, No Flip Flops
    • Closed toes shoes MUST be worn


    • No headgear is permitted (e.g., caps, hats, scarves, do-rags, bandanas, night caps, shower caps, hoods, no bonnets etc.)
    • No hooded jackets are allowed to be worn on the person while on school property

    In accordance with Florida State Law SB228: Undergarments shall not be visible. Student must have on pants that are fitted at the waist at all times. If a student’s pants are not able to stay on the waist at all times, the parent will be contacted to bring a change of clothes. If the student continues to wear pants that do not stay on the natural waistline, then the student will be subject to additional disciplinary consequence up to and including suspension.

    Students must be in full dress code throughout the school day. Having an item with you but not worn appropriately is a violation of the Congress Middle School Dress Code policy. Cold weather exceptions will be announced by administration, as needed. All layers must be compatible with the dress code policy.

    **All students are required to wear a school identification badge at all times during school hours, field trips, school events, and on school grounds. The identification badge is considered part of the school uniform, and is the property of Congress Middle School. Students are responsible for their identification badge and will be required to pay the replacement fee of $5, if the badge is lost or stolen.