Dress Code

  • Tops

    • Permitted:
      • Crewneck shirts or collared shirts
      • There are no restrictions regarding shirt color or pattern
      • School-sponsored t-shirts which are either affiliated with a PPMS sport or activity that have been approved by the administration
      • Shirts may be “un-tucked” as long as the size of the shirt is proportionate to the size of the student
    • Not Permitted:
      • Shirts that show excess skin such as shoulders, chest, or mid-drifts (tank tops, crop tops, etc.)
      • Shirts that display any writing/graphics that refer to sex, drugs, violence, gangs, alcohol, tobacco, or sensitive topics
      • Shirts that are tied up in a knot or with a rubber band
      • Shirts with a ripped/frayed/torn edge


    • Permitted:
      • Jeans/pants/shorts/skirts that fit properly at the hip and not below
      • Shorts, gym shorts, and skirts that are fingertip length or longer
      • Sweatpants
    • Not Permitted:
      • Pants or bottoms that “sag” or reveal undergarments
      • Ripped/frayed/torn clothing above fingertip length
      • Sleepwear/pajama pants/flannel pants
      • Athletic wear other than gym shorts
      • Leggings of any kind including flare, yoga pants, tights, biker shorts (including those showing under shorts or skirts)


    • Permitted:
      • Footwear consisting of full, closed-toe shoes with backs
      • Laces that are tied
    • Not Permitted:
      • No sandals, slides, cleats, high heels, platforms, slippers, flip flops, Crocs, or opened-toe shoes


    • Permitted:
      • Sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts may be worn as needed in colder weather; however, clothing worn underneath must adhere to the dress code policy
      • Hooded sweatshirts are permitted, but the hood CANNOT cover the child’s head for safety reasons 
    • Not Permitted:
      • Baseball caps, hats, bandannas, or sunglasses
      • Pajamas/Sleepwear of any kind 
      • Any attire, jewelry, hair picks, or ornamentation deemed provocative, unsafe, inappropriate, or disruptive by the administration is not permitted