• AICE exam results for the Spring 2023 series were released August 10th.

    Students who are interested in retaking an exam during the November series must meet the deadline for
    Mrs. Lowery to enter them for an exam by August 16th.

    To register for the retakes, students need to email Mrs. Lowery directly at nuncia.francoislowery@palmbeachschools.org with the
    following information:
    - First and last name 
    - Student #
    - Candidate #
    - Name of the syllabus

    Students must pay for the exam retake, and the fee per exam is 118.58 payable via School Cash Online.
    That amount includes the exam fee, in addition to the administrative fee imposed by School Cash

    Mrs. Lowery must be notified first of the interest for a retake so that she can open an account on the 
    online payment portal for individual students in order for them to make payment. Payment must be made
    by Monday, August 14, 2023 to allow time for entry and processing in order to meet the August
    16th deadline.

    Please note: Cambridge does not offer every syllabus in the retake series, please click here to view the exams offered  and check that the exam you want to retake is included.