Dress Code

  • At Spanish River Community High School we take pride in the appearance of our students and believe that they should dress for success. We need an environment conducive for success and some of the “in styles” in South Florida are not appropriate for the school environment. Please check your student’s outfit before leaving the house.

    The following items of dress are NOT acceptable:

    No strapless or halter tops, or tank tops with spaghetti straps
    No visible undergarments (top or bottom) on either boys or girls
    No pajama wear including slippers
    No head coverings including any form of hat, scarf, stocking, bandana, hoods/hoodies
    No low exposing tops or shirts exposing the cleavage
    No tank tops or shirts exposing the mid riff
    No muscle tops, backless clothing, revealing or see-through material
    No inappropriate content on clothing, including language or images that are profane, sexually explicit, or use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons.
    No short shorts or short skirts. They must be mid-thigh

    Students out of dress code will receive the following consequences:

    1st Violation: Change of clothes / warning
    2nd Violation: Change of clothes / parent contacted
    3rd Violation: Change of clothes / parent contacted / lunch detention
    4th Violation: Change of clothes / parent contacted / afterschool detention
    5th Violation: Referred to Assistant Principal
        (or more)

    A $5.00 obligation will be incurred when a change of clothes is given by Spanish River High School. The obligation will be removed when the clothes are returned (cleaned) to the school.

    The dress code will be in effect during school hours, and school functions while on school grounds. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more detailed information.