Objections to Instructional Materials

  • Policy 8.1205 - Formal Challenge/Objection Form (PBCSD 1113) for classroom and library materials, including reading lists. 
    Policy 8.122  - Petition to Object to IM within 30 Days of Adoption (PBSD 2569) for IM objections currently under adoption process.

    a. As stated in Policy 8.122, objections to instructional materials and Supplemental Classroom Materials, including Reading Lists, shall be filed on form PBSD 2569 (Petition to Object/Objection to Instructional Materials), which is part of this policy and incorporated herein as part of this Policy. The form can be found on the District’s forms website at: https://www2.palmbeachschools.org/formssearch/pdf/2569.pdf .

    b. For objections to Library Media Materials, the complainant shall file form PBSD 1113 ("Objection to, Library Media Materials") and this form can be obtained from the Principal or a designee. A copy of the form is also available on the District's forms Web site at https://www2.palmbeachschools.org/formssearch/pdf/1113.pdf and is incorporated herein by reference as part of this Policy.

    c. The complainant shall sign and sufficiently complete the applicable form in its entirety for each l material to be considered, including stating the basis of the objection, retain one copy, and send one copy of the completed form to the principal of the school. Failure to sufficiently fill out the form along with complainant's signature will result in the rejection of the form and no formal review process under this subsection will be initiated.

    d. A challenge to the same material(s) by multiple challengers within one school can be consolidated into one challenge for consideration by the School Materials Review Committee, Principal, Superintendent, District Material Review Committee, and School Board (the reviewing persons and entities) as set forth in the below Proceedings.

    Completed forms must be submitted to school Principal, Allison Castellano.