Choice Programs

  • Boynton Beach Community High has a variety of Choice programs, including Aerospace Science (BASA), Dance, Digital Media, Early Childhood Teacher Education, Information Technology, Marine Corps JROTC, Medical Sciences - Pre-Medicine, Music - Band, Music - Vocal, Theatre, and Visual Arts. Learn more about our programs below. For more information, contact Rebecca Haynes, Magnet Coordinator.

  • Aerospace Science (BASA)

    Boynton Beach Community High School and Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) have partnered to create a unique curriculum option for students throughout the school district. The Boynton Aerospace Science Program (BASA) offers a rigorous academic program in the fields of aviation, aeronautical science, and aviation maintenance. Each student has the opportunity to earn dual credit, college and high school, for the BASA courses taken at Boynton Beach Community High School. This innovative academy provides students with the latest in educational advancements, current technologies, and crucial job skills all from ERAU professors.


    The Dance program offers rigorous instruction for the serious dance student. Dance enables students to develop an appreciation for the art of Dance through a holistic approach. Students learn about various dance styles, including Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Contemporary classes on a weekly basis, develop physical strength, flexibility and technical style, build a sense of self respect, peer collaboration and coordination, graceful coordination, balance and control of movements and, most of all, appreciate artistic growth.

    Digital Media

    The Digital Media program is designed to provide practical experiences in both graphic/digital design and photography. Students become proficient in, and refine, their use of concepts, terminology, techniques, and applications of digital imaging to create original work. Students produce digital still and/or animated images through the single or combined use of computers, digital cameras, digital video cameras, scanners, photo editing software, drawing and painting software, graphic tablets, printers, new media, and emerging technologies. Students' increasingly independent approach to their work promotes risk-taking in the completion of conceptually based, self-directed work.

    Early Childhood Teacher Education

    The Early Childhood Teacher Education program is a program in which high school students prepare for careers in child–related occupations, earning high school honors credits and/or Dual Enrollment college credits. Career possibilities may include teaching, child psychology, social work, and day–care ownership. The program prepares students for post–secondary education or immediate entry into the Palm Beach County workforce. Students gain teaching experience through internships at area preschools and elementary schools. Early Childhood Teacher Education programs provide students with teaching experience in the laboratory preschools located on high school campuses.

    Information Technology

    The Information Technology program offers an innovative, integrated learning environment focused on computers, technology, and communications. The program provides students with the training and skills necessary for careers, such as: Computer Operation, Computer Support, Electronics Technology, Graphic Design, Multimedia & Web Design, Network Systems, PC Support and Word Processing, and Cybersecurity.

    Marine Corps JROTC

    There are challenges ahead and decisions to make. Marine Corps JROTC provides students with the life skills to tackle those challenges. The curriculum includes lessons in leadership, citizenship, physical education, marksmanship and career exploration. Participation in the Marines JROTC program can help students make the best decisions based upon learning and practicing core values and the development of character and personal responsibility. Students in this program are taught to recognize diversity as a strength and a leadership imperative and to encourage and embrace innovative change while accomplishing a mission through teamwork.

  • Medical Sciences - Pre-Medicine

    The Medical Sciences Honors program offers an innovative, integrated learning environment designed to provide the student with the medical skills and training necessary to succeed in postsecondary healthcare career education and/or to successfully transition into the healthcare workforce. This comprehensive program combines a rigorous academic curriculum with intense clinical and laboratory experience. Student clinical rotations are conducted at area hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Clinical clearance, including a background check and drug screening are required prior to entering the clinical setting.

    Music - Band

    The programs offer development of extensive study in sight-reading skills, improvisational skills, and performance techniques while encompassing various levels of music theory. More than twenty different student ensembles, ranging from classical to jazz, Marching and Drum line, rehearse and perform throughout the year. They perform at halftime shows during football games, pep rallies, various local parades, campus events and Band Competitions. Band students focus on the development of experiences in responding to music and connecting music to cultural influences are also a part of the overall course.

    Music - Vocal

    Students in the Vocal program develop a proper vocal technique and an understanding of vocal mechanisms. Students will also learn musical notation, sight singing and appreciation of many genres of music through the study and performance of vocal literature. Students will also learn musical theory, arrangement, vocal and performance techniques, musical notation, sight –reading, structure and discipline. They will experience feelings of accomplishment and success like no other through creative expression, self- respect, peer collaboration and coordination, most of all, an appreciation for others' talent.


    The Theatre programs provide students with the literary, performance and technical experience necessary to enter professional theatre companies or theatre programs at the most prestigious universities and conservatories. Students are engaged in learning artistic discipline and audience etiquette, acting and characterization, movement and vocal production, pantomime and improvisation, script elements and playwriting, theatre history and influences, technical theatre and design, theatre production, roles and careers in the Theatre Arts. Students have an opportunity to learn behind the scenes technical support, which includes set design, costumes, lighting and sound.

    Visual Arts

    The Visual Arts program encourages its students to explore personal visions through a variety of mediums and materials. Visual Arts students are offered coursework that includes art history, photography, painting, digital photography, three dimensional art and printmaking. Academy students will be required to keep sketchbooks while developing portfolios which will serve to document their artistic growth and showcase skills that take them to the next stages of their education or into their professional careers. The central philosophy of the Visual Arts Academy is that to truly learn a discipline, one must learn by doing and not just study it in a classroom. Our visual arts program combines in-class lectures to familiarize students with the fundamentals of their discipline, instructor-supervised workshops to ensure students are comfortable with their equipment and independent projects that allow students to bring their ideas to life.