Dress Code

  • School is a student’s place of business and appropriate dress is important. Disruptive clothing is forbidden.

    The following items of dress are expressly forbidden: 

    1. Clothing, jewelry, buttons, etc., with words, phrases, symbols, pictures or insignia which are disruptive, obscene profane, racist, suggestive, offensive, or related to drugs or alcohol. This would include clothing which displays vulgar language or promotes alcoholic beverages or other forbidden substances. 
    2. Items containing references to death, murder or gangs. 
    3. Clothing, jewelry, buttons, etc., which deface, alter, or improperly display the national emblem. 
    4. Skirts and dresses must touch the knee at standing. Skirts and dresses may not have a slit in the front. Long dresses that reach the ankle may have a slit to facilitate walking, but no higher than the knee. 
    5. No Shorts allowed unless they touch the knees while standing. 
    6. All blouses, shirts, and tops must be long enough to be tucked into pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses. 
    7. No bare midriffs, backs, or sides. 
    8. Students must wear shirts with sleeves. Absolutely no tank tops, tube tops, or spaghetti straps are allowed. 
    9. Female students must wear necklines that are high enough to eliminate exposure. 
    10. No pajamas, bedroom or house slippers, or bare feet. 
    11. No holes, torn clothing, or cut-outs in fabric. Leggings or patches under the holes are acceptable. No see-through fabrics are allowed. 
    12. Leggings and stretch pants are forbidden, unless they are worn underneath full clothing.
    13. No hoods, bandannas, picks, combs, night caps, wave caps, or any other type of covering of the head. If you must wear sunglasses or hats during outside physical education activities, please clear this with the appropriate coach. After class, the item must remain in the Physical Education Department to prevent confiscation.
    14. All pants must be worn at natural waistline. No revealing of undergarments.