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    International Spanish Academies (ISA) are Dual Language Programs that have signed a collaborative agreement with the Ministry of Education of Spain. This K–12 educational program is carried out within the framework of cooperative activities organized by the Office of Education of Spain in the U.S. and each participating district. The language, history, and culture of Spanish-speaking countries are a major focus of the curriculum. This program is a Spanish two–way immersion program and allows students to develop proficiency in two languages by receiving classroom instruction in English as well as Spanish. All students applying after grade 1 may require eligible score on a language assessment test.

    Dual Language is an enriched K-5 educational model that integrates English speakers with native Spanish speakers. The purpose of the Dual Language program is to promote the highest levels of academic achievement, first and second language development, cross-cultural understanding, as well as higher levels of self-esteem for all students. Teachers work in pairs to deliver instructions in both Spanish and English. Content subjects are taught in both languages to develop students' language abilities. Students will be able to speak, understand, read, and write in English and Spanish when they reach fifth grade.

    The Dual Language program will be most successful with the support of the family and the school community. A full commitment to ensure your child's continuous enrollment throughout the duration of the program is essential. Parents can actively support this program by attending meetings and parent-teacher conferences.

    Program Overview

    The Berkshire Dual Language Spanish Immersion Program is open to students who wish to acquire the ability to fully function in a multicultural society. This advanced program is for those families who believe their child(ren) can achieve the highest levels of literacy and academic achievement in two languages. The goal of our Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program is to provide a long-term opportunity for our students to become lifelong cross-cultural learners.

    Dual Language Research

    Learning Spanish and English in a natural way...from Hola to Goodbye!

    Research shows that the study of a second language strengthens skills in the child’s first language and forms lifelong connections in the brain that otherwise would not be formed if language study occurs after adolescence. Students who begin second language study in the early grades and continue with an articulated program through Grade 12 will achieve fluency and proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Palm Beach County has been home to many successful dual language programs both at the elementary and secondary levels. The Berkshire Dual Language International Spanish Academy takes advantage of the optimal window of learning a second language during the primary years. Our program produces critical thinkers and problem solvers who can use a communication-rich approach to succeed in the information age. These skills have been proven to give students an edge in high school, college, and the workplace. After completing the dual language experience at the elementary grades, Berkshire students may continue their language learning at the secondary level in established Palm Beach County programs.

    Enriching Students in a Global Community

    In our increasingly interdependent world, parents realize the many advantages of knowing two languages. As the information age brings us closer to our global neighbors, an education that includes intensive study of foreign languages and cultures makes even more sense. It prepares students for jobs that require knowledge of other countries, customs, and languages.

    Is the Dual Language program right for your family?

    Children who have a positive self-image, normal language development, and enthusiastic encouragement from home will succeed in the dual language program.

    The program is best suitable for families who:

    • Support learning a second language.
    • Value other cultures—the people, history, and art.
    • Participate in their children’s school projects and activities.

    Parents are a key ingredient for success at the Berkshire Dual Language International Spanish Academy. When you enroll your child, you are committing to support the school and the activities of the program at school and in the home from Kindergarten through the fifth grade.

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    Enjoy viewing all the wonderful dual language activities we have at Berkshire Elementary.

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