Adult & Community Education

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    Unlock New Opportunities with Adult and Community Education at John I. Leonard High School.

    Our Adult and Community Education program provides a pathway to growth, empowerment, and improved quality of life. Whether you're aiming to enhance your language skills, pursue educational milestones, or gain essential life skills, our comprehensive offerings cater to a diverse range of goals. Through a supportive and accessible learning environment, we empower you to achieve your aspirations and contribute actively to your community.

    Why Choose Adult and Community Education?

    • Language Proficiency: Learn and master the English language to enhance your communication abilities, open doors to better employment opportunities, and fully engage in your daily interactions.
    • Pathways to Citizenship: Prepare yourself for the U.S. citizenship process, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills to navigate this important step in your journey.
    • High School Diploma: Embark on a journey to earn your State of Florida High School Diploma, opening doors to further education and career advancement.
    • Empowerment in Education: Equip yourself with the tools to support your child's education by confidently assisting with homework, communicating with teachers, and actively engaging in their learning journey.
    • Community Engagement: Engage effectively with professionals, such as doctors and restaurant staff, fostering better understanding and communication in various contexts.
    • Career Advancement: Gain the skills necessary to enter new career fields, start your own business, or pursue higher education opportunities that were previously out of reach.
    • Flexible Learning: Choose from a range of offerings, from skill-specific courses to comprehensive degree programs, tailored to your unique goals and schedule.
    • Real-Life Preparation: Develop the ability to handle emergencies, communicate in various settings, and navigate day-to-day challenges with confidence.

    How to Begin:

    • Registration: Register conveniently online or in person at one of our accessible locations.
    • Tuition: Pay tuition to secure your place in the program, enabling you to embark on your educational journey.
    • Assessment: Take an assessment that helps us match you with the class that best aligns with your needs and goals.
    • Engaging Curriculum: Once you start your program, our experienced instructors will guide you through a curriculum designed to enhance your reading, writing, and spoken English skills.

    Empower Yourself with Adult and Community Education

    Discover the transformative power of education through our Adult and Community Education program. Whether you're pursuing language mastery, educational attainment, or personal growth, our dedicated team is committed to supporting you every step of the way. Join us and embark on a journey toward empowerment, growth, and a brighter future.

    For questions, please contact Graciela Lopez Palma or call the Adult Ed Registration office at (561) 641-1237
    Business Hours:  Monday-Thursday 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM