• Online Community Service Opportunities

    The League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County  

    Seeks to help citizens become informed voters and increase voter participation. Our mission is “Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy”. There are many ways you can help.
    To volunteer, email us at Volunteer@lwvpbc.org. Include the Opportunity number, your name and contact information (email and phone requested), and tell us how you’d like to help.

    Contact Congress about important Issues

    The United States Congress needs to hear more about the issues affecting communities around the country, such as issues faced by American youth.
    Emailing a member of Congress is one way to champion this cause. Students can receive 1 hour per letter. Submit a copy of your letter to your counselor.

    Math Nation Community Service Opportunity Link

    Students can earn hours for:

    • virtually tutoring a younger student (including siblings)
    • if it is necessary for them to provide childcare for younger siblings.

    For students who use these options, the parent should send an email to the school counselor indicating how many hours per day and days per week the student was tutoring or responsible for the care of younger siblings.

    If the parent does not have an email address or does not write, the student can send an email to the counselor with this information and the counselor (or a CLF) will call the parent to verify the hours.

    Foster an Animal
    Students can earn 4 hours a day for fostering an animal through one of the three organizations below:
    Peggy Adams
    Palm Beach County
    Big Dog Ranch

    Gang Prevention Workshop Link

    Community Service Websites to Find Additional Opportunities

    Palm Beach County Volunteer Opportunities 

    The United Way 

    Teens Give

    Volunteer Match