Carver Policies


    Admission Requirements
    Carver Middle School believes that the Middle Years Program can benefit all students, there are no admissions requirements. Rather, we believe that all applicants should understand that the faculty and administration at Carver Middle School expect student applicants to be eager and motivated learners that will willingly commit to the academic rigors of the MYP curriculum. We also expect all out-of-zone applicants to commit to the full three years of the program. Such students may risk returning to their home-zoned school for failure to demonstrate high standards of academic integrity and exemplary conduct.

    In-Boundary Students
    Carver Middle School aims to provide a quality international education to as many students as possible. Based on the boundaries established by The School District of Palm Beach County we will welcome all students zoned for our school into the Middle Years Program.

    Application Information
    Applications are required for any interested out-of-zone student. Required documents for the application consist of: Complete a Choice Application through the School District of Palm Beach County Choice & Career Options. Application deadlines are determined by The School of District of Palm Beach County Choice & Career Options on a yearly basis. Students and parents should understand that applications must be submitted in its entirety to be considered for admission. Applications turned in throughout the school year, or following the application deadline, will be considered based on available spaces per grade level.

    Notifications of acceptance will be sent via email and USPS mail following the selection process. All applicants must accept their seats through the Choice system and must submit a signed acceptance agreement.
    Reviewed April 2022

    Transportation is provided for out-of-zone students only via designated stops. For designated stops, parents must provide transportation to and from the stops that best meets their needs. Transportation provided by The School District of Palm Beach County is provided to Carver Middle School in the morning and after school.

    Transportation is provided for afterschool activities.

    Further Information
    Once accepted, students must maintain good academic standing for the remainder of the current school year in order for admission to occur. This is stated in the acceptance letter sent to students following the application deadline. Please refer to the following documents regarding further information on Carver Middle School's Middle Years Program:
    ● Language Policy
    ● Academic Honesty Policy
    ● Assessment Policy
    ● Special Needs Policy

    Carver Middle is an all-inclusive school which aims to provide high-quality educational experience through its IB Middle Year Programme (MYP). The IB Middle Year Programme is an academically challenging and balanced programme of education. The MYP has been designed as a coherent and comprehensive curriculum framework that provides academic enrichment and develops the life skills of students between the ages of 11 to 14 Middle Years at Carver Middle School comprise of Grade 6 to 8. Carver Middle is a public community school and any student withThe school’s admission to the boundary area are admitted. Carver Middle does however offer out of boundary seats to students that apply for our MYP program through a choice lottery system who do not reside in the feeder locations. Students who apply through lottery do not have to meet any set criteria but once admitted the students adhere to the expectation agreement.

    Academic Achievement:
    Students are expected to perform at high levels. In order to successfully meet these expectations, students must demonstrate excellent time-management and organizational skills as well as exceptional study habits. Students must agree to complete all required assignments, including homework and projects, with the understanding that assignments must be submitted on time. In order to remain in good standing, students must maintain a minimum overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 and earn no lower than a B in any class.
    Reviewed April 2022

    Academic Probation:
    If a student’s GPA falls below 3.0, that student will be placed on academic probation. A student who is placed on academic probation will meet with their parent(s) and counselor to create an action plan for improvement that will include progress monitoring for all subjects. In order for a student to return to good standing, he/she must raise their cumulative GPA to a 3.0 by the end of the probationary period. If a student does not demonstrate improvement by the end of their probationary period, they will be subject to dismissal from the advanced class.

    Community Service:
    Students are expected to participate in community service learning to help foster a humanitarian attitude and sense of responsibility to others. The following are grade level minimum expectation.
    6th grade (Year 1) – 5 hours minimal
    7th grade (Year 2) – 5 hours minimal
    8th grade (Year 3) – 10 hours minimal which includes Community Project

    Attendance Expectations:
    Understand that students can be placed on probation if they have 5 days unexcused absences within a month or 10 days unexcused absences within a 90-day period. Students who continue to accrue unexcused absences while on probation may be dismissed from the advanced classes.

    Individual Behavior Expectations:
    Students are expected to demonstrate self-discipline and motivation while adhering to Palm Beach County Code of Student Conduct as described in the Student Handbook.

    1. I understand that I must follow school rules as well as the Palm Beach County School District Code of Conduct and my behavior must contribute to my academic success as well as the success of other students at my school.
    2. I understand that if I have level two discipline referrals in a marking period I may be placed on probation. A violation of the probation contract may result in dismissal from the Choice Program and assignment back to my zoned school (if applicable).
    3. I understand that if a level three or four code of conduct violation occurs, I will be referred to an Exit Committee that will determine whether I will be dismissed from the Choice program.

    Probation and Exit Process:
    Students may be placed on probation if they fail to follow the academic, attendance or conduct expectations. The terms and conditions of probation will vary depending on the individual needs of each student and will be fully outlined in a probation contract between the student, student’s parent/legal guardian, and the school’s administration.