Dress Code

  • Dress Code (printable version)
    George Washington Carver Community Middle School has a unified dress code policy. All students have the right to attend a safe and secure school where the focus is on academics. Carver ensures that students are dressed and groomed in a manner that will not interfere with the school environment or disrupt the educational process.

    Clothing should be suitable, comfortable, and safe for normal school activities and should reflect pride in one’s personal appearance. The George Washington Carver Middle School unified dress code promotes safety, improves discipline, and enhances the learning environment.

    Only the items described below are allowed at George Washington Carver Community Middle School. Any variations and/or additions are considered a violation of the school’s code.
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    Approved Tops

    • Shirts with long or short sleeves
    • Crew neck, collared, v-neck, and ¼ zip sweatshirts or dry-fit. (NO HOODS)
    • School-sponsored CMS spirit wear
    • Modest neck and back lines, and be able to be tucked in

    Prohibited Tops

    • Shirts that reveal the waistline/midriff or undergarments (even with arms extended above the head)
    • No see-through, sheer or netting
    • No sleeveless or spaghetti straps
    • No hoodies (while on campus)
    • No shirts tied up or with a rubber band
    • No shirts ripped, frayed, cut or torn
    • No inappropriate graphics or sayings

    Approved Bottoms

    • Shorts that are finger-tipped length
    • Skirts and dresses that are finger-tipped length and loosely fitted all the way around.
    • Jeans - no holes or tears that show skin (students are not permitted to wear leggings underneath)
    • All bottoms must be worn above the hips.

    Prohibited Bottoms

    • No leggings, spandex, or biker shorts
    • No pants that sag or reveal undergarments
    • No pajama bottoms (including plain, solid, or flannel)

    Shoes (while on campus) **All Shoes must be enclosed**

    • No Sandals
    • No Cleats
    • No Crocs
    • No Slides
    • No Flip-Flops
    • No open-toed shoes
    • No slippers
    • No Heelys
    • No high heels or open-toed platforms while on campus.

    General Guidelines

    • No Hats, Bandannas, Bonnets, or Head wraps (Religious Purposes Only)
    • No Sunglasses Indoors
    • Clothing, jewelry, buttons, etc. with words, phrases, symbols, pictures or insignia which are disruptive, obscene, profane, racist, suggestive, offensive or related to drugs, alcohol use or weapons are prohibited.
    • Any items worn that could be deemed unsafe or distracting by administration cannot be worn.
    • No Blankets

    **Student ID Badges are Required**

    Defacing of ID badges is not permitted.