Safe School Ambassadors Program

  • The Safe School Ambassadors program is based on a solid foundation of research and principles that have been validated for many years. There are some important ways that Safe School Ambassadors is unique and differs from other programs:

    • It involves the "change-agents" by identifying and recruiting "socially-influential" students. Research shows that these are the students who determine what's okay and not okay and have the power to change the way young people treat each other.
    • It is a skills-based program that equips students with powerful, nonviolent communication and intervention skills so they can speak up and take effective actions when they see their friends and classmates mistreat others.
    • It equips students to defuse potential incidents in the moment, as opposed to conflict resolution programs that require a structured meeting that might be held hours or even days after an incident occurs.
    • It provides participating students with structure and support through regularly-scheduled Family Group meetings of 7-10 Ambassadors with 1-2 trusted adults, where they discuss their interventions, practice their skills, and receive support for their efforts.
    • It is a sustainable model, a year-round program, which research has shown has immediate impact as well as lasting and measurable results.