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  • Hello Seminole Ridge Hawk Family!
    Below you will find information for the upcoming school year that pertains to students taking their yearbook photos and updates on pricing for the yearbook.

    Senior Portraits 

    Senior photos are taken differently than when they were Junior, Sophomores, and Freshmen. Seniors will take a professional portrait photo that will be entered into the yearbook. This professional style photo has your student pose while wearing a black dress or tuxedo and while wearing the red graduation cap and gown; both the Cap and Gown and the Tuxedo/Dress are rented from the Studio which is covered in the sitting fee. The Seminole Ridge Yearbook only uses the Cap and Gown and the Tuxedo/Dress photo. This photo must be taken with Cady Studio and must be scheduled by the final deadline in January. Senior portraits that are taken after the deadline will not be entered into the yearbook, so please do not delay.

    Cost of Senior Portrait: There is a sitting fee for the senior photos. The prices vary depending on the type of session you would like to schedule. The traditional sessions range from $29 to $79 and the Elite Legacy sessions range from $199 to $399. I recommend reading the details for each session type before scheduling your senior session or contacting the studio to fully understand what comes with each session type. 

    Location of Portrait Sessions: Senior Portraits can be taken at either the studio locations in Delray Beach or at the school. Please go to the Cady Studios website or follow the link at the bottom of the page to see all the available dates and times. 

    Parents and guardians, I know you are so proud of your teen’s accomplishments. You can celebrate how great they are by purchasing a Senior ad in the Seminole Ridge yearbook. Use an ad to congratulate your graduating senior and with photos and a heartfelt message. While the yearbook lets your kid remember all the special people and events from the school year, the personal touch of an ad will make the book that much more special for them. 

     Senior ads are available in a variety of sizes and prices and are shown below. Ads are easy to order. Buy and design an advertisement online at!

    Size of Ad

    Approximate Dimensions 


    Full Page Ad

    8” wide x 11” high


    1/2  Page Ad

    8” wide x 5” high


    1/4 th Page Ad

    4” wide x 5” high


    1/8 th Page Ad

    4” wide x 2.5” high


    1/16 th Page Ad

    3.5” wide x 2” high



    Please go to this website: or the Seminole Ridge Yearbook Page on the school website for more information. 

    Underclassmen Photos

    Your School Pictures are now available to view and order through CADY!
    If you bought a picture package before or on picture day, your package would be mailed directly to your home. You can expect to receive that in the next 7 days.
    If you did not purchase a package on or prior to underclass picture day, you can log in at to view and order your school pictures today!

    Picture Retakes: Any student who either missed the original date or wishes to retake their photo for the yearbook can retake their photo on Picture Retake Day. Students will be called down through their English class to retake their photos if desired. 

    Please contact Mr. Kodi Bell for any questions or concerns. My email is